Monday, April 14, 2003

Nicollet County, MN pork producer confronted with activist

Rick Grommersch, a Minnesota pork producer, noticed someone walking around the end of his driveway in a grove of trees. It turned out to be animal activists taking illegal photographs. The deputy sheriff was called and assisted the perpetrators in deleting the pictures from their digital camera. They were also warned about trespassing on private property and asked not to return to Nicollet County. Of greater concern to Rick was the fact that these activists had a GPS guidance system with four locations locked in the memory - one of them was Rick’s farm. Law officers suggest that farmers need to be very aware of this type of activity and realize that trespassing laws are difficult to enforce if “No Trespassing” signs are not posted.

Matt Mackell was one of the individuals. He is treasure of Compassionate Action for Animals. Click here to read Matt Mackell column on “Why Animal Rights?” but this is my favorite quote. I think he was talking about himself compared to animals."They think, they feel, and they can suffer. Many non-human animals are more intelligent than many humans."

Dan Murphy to leave Meat Marketing Technology

Dan Murphy, editor of Meat Marketing Technology and best known to agriculture producers as editor of, has announced his resignation. Dan accepted a position as vice president of Public Affairs for the American Meat Institute. In his farewell editorial, he summed up the meat industry in these words: “In my experience, the commitment to this industry exemplified by the thousands of people I've met with and talked to is built on a feeling of pride in knowing that being a member of the meat industry means you're providing sustenance, you're feeding families, you're providing one of the most essential of all human commodities”. Dan’s last day at MMT will be April 18, 2003.

Dan Murphy is one of the few who has been willing to stand up to the Weenies. Thank you Dan. Would you please take just a moment and join me by telling Dan, Thank You.

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