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Rural Route Radio Feb 12, 2021 J.C. Cole joins with a must listen no matter your political party, food production is a means of national security and he witnessed the fall of Soviet Union

J.C. Cole grew up in New Jersey but spent 18 years in Latvia as the Soviet Union fell. What he witnessed transpiring he sees taking place right here today in the USA. Folks food production is a means of National Security.

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Loos Tales for Feb 12, 2021 Dr. Ted Fogarty back on with point blank information on why wearing a mask is dangerous to your health

Dr. Fogarty does not mince words when ask about the dangers of wearing a mask. He backs it up with the science unlike the CDC is doing this week.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Loos Tales for Feb 11, 2021 It is the time of year for stupid State sponsored bill for legislation but Oregon bill 3008 really gets my goat


We tend to think that laws made 1000 miles away will never affect us, but that is wrong. When the circus is told they can not have elephants traveling with them, it is only a matter of time until pigs, sheep, goats and cattle follow suit.

Question is should I drink almond juice instead of milk for hormone reasons?

 First of all hormones must be present for any nutrition to be provided. Hormones in food and actually protein supplies. But in case you are considering avoiding cows milk for fear of hormones this little study from NIH should be of interest to you. Oh and by the way the Vitamin D and fat in whole milk is the best way to build the immune system to protect you from any virus.

Estrogens in food: the almond mystery - PubMed (

Studies were made of 36 different nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables commonly used as human foods; each of these was fed to a group of ovariectomized rats for 10 days as a sole diet. The estrogenic activities of the foods were estimated by comparing the uterine weights, uterine fluid volumes and the vaginal cornification indices of each group of rats with those of groups fed other foods. Almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, oats, corn, wheat and apples all showed estrogenic activity. The original sample of almonds showed the greatest estrogenic activity (p less than 0.01) which was confirmed by repetition of the experiment (p less than 0.01), but subsequent studies of other samples of almonds showed no estrogenic activity. Possible reasons for the disparity of the results with different lots of almonds are discussed.

Apparently there is a new Gold Rush in Oklahoma Farmland.


The new land rush is on (written for publishing in High Plains Journal)

I won’t pretend this is anything new but certainly we have seen some very interesting and, in fact, outright concerning things happening in the world of land ownership. I first watched a video of a gentleman talking about a friend in Oklahoma who was approached by a Chinese-influenced individual to purchase his farm. I reached out to him because I want to verify every single thing I hear these days, but I got no response. I put it out of my mind until I got a call from a farmer I know in Oklahoma who was very concerned about what he saw happening around him. 

I have now made several calls to folks I know and clearly something out of the ordinary is happening. Payne County, the rich region near Cushing, seems to have a high rate of land transactions lately and these are not isolated to one area but this is going on statewide. I am writing this only to share what we currently know and hoping this will spur on a better discussion and sheds some light on the facts.

We already know that Chinese-sponsored individuals are buying tracts of land and paying for them with cash. I have been told that they walk into closings with backpacks full of cash. Surely there is nothing fishy about that? 

I have had many friends tell me that foreign residents cannot own farmland in the state of Oklahoma, so I looked up the statutes that I believe apply to what I am hearing. 

Okla. Const. art. XXII §1 to 2:

Non-U.S. citizens cannot acquire or own land; if they acquire by devise or descent, they have to dispose of it within 5 years. Corporations can’t buy, acquire, deal or trade in real estate unless it is in incorporated cities and towns. The exception is to secure a loan or collect a debt, and they must divest within 7 years


owning, holding or taking real estate that is necessary for carrying out business for which any corporation has been lawfully formed in the state

So what I am told is that most of these land acquisitions have occurred since election day 2020. I am also being told that there is always a residence on the property and Chinese individuals quickly move into the homes. Immediately after that, a grow house for medical marjuina is constructed. For the record, medical marjuina is not an “agricultural crop” so are they taking this farm out of “farming”?

Again I would remind you that I am sharing this information with you with the clear intention of rattling the cage to see if the snake actually has teeth and will bite. Yes, please share with me facts about this issue. I really don’t want the sentence to start with “I heard” because I want just actual facts.

In that regard, I have been compiling data on Bill Gates investment of millions of dollars on farmland in 19 states. In my home state of Nebraska, he currently owns 20,000 acres. I have acquired records from County Assessors offices and am trying to establish patterns and motivation. I am wide open to the idea that he has billions of dollars and is simply looking to invest in land in a very uncertain economic time. I will also share that most of what I have found regarding Gates farmland purchases occurred in 2017. I also know that he sponsored the most recent American Farm Bureau convention to the tune of $100,000. WHY?

For as long as I have been in the public eye, I have been trying to get farmers recognition when it comes to our contribution to improving life. It appears to me that folks outside of our community understand that “he who holds the gold makes the rules” and I am bringing this to your attention so we can prevent the whole gold mine from being taken over. Ironically or not, it was an Okie that made famous the saying, “Buy land; they ain’t making any more of the stuff.” 

Boy, we could sure use a good dose of Will Rogers in this world  today!

Across the Pond Feb 10, 2021 How exactly do you PRINT a ribeye?


Today Andrew says something today that really sets the tone for the future of all discussions.

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Yes we need a whole more of Will Rogers


Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Truly amazing how warm 8 above is when the day starts at 13 below

Across the Pond Feb 9, 2021 I have connected the dots "show the me the money baby"


Libbie Bacon how much could we learn from her today? She died at the age of 90 in 1933. The real topic of the day is how Gates and Buffett control too much of your life in this case through oil transport.

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Rural Route Radio Feb 9, 2021 Jay Truitt, Andrew Henderson and Trent Loos really do a deep dive into corruption and how to right the shipwreck

The fraudulent election and fraudulent remedy to COVID-19 very emotional topics today. Must say I find the perspective of folks living outside of the U.S. and their thoughts about the Representative Republic very interesting. This program will leave you wanting to say something.

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Loos Tales Feb 9, 2021 Bobby Kennedy on Bill Gates investment into farming, and FAKE meat


Robert F Kennedy Jr. brings a frightening dose of reality actually as he has details on Gates involvement in agriculture and hungry people are the direct result.

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Monday, February 08, 2021

Certified Piedmontese this rascal is out of a Limi cow and Pied bull


Rural Route Radio Feb 8, 2021 Hank Vogler with more details on SNWA owning permits illegally and how many resources do we rely on foreign supplies?


What is happening in states with a huge percentage of government land ownership is not exclusive to those states only. The erosion of your God given rights is happening Coast to Coast. Hank is just not willing to look the other way and seeks to stand up with every opportunity.

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Loos Tales Feb 8, 2021 The future of Farming? No matter what direction we go soil health is the top priority

With so many elected officials talking about "Build Back Better" I question if they truly even understand where we currently are. A discussion this past weekend with Robert David Steele certainly got me to thinking about Community farms and finding the next level of improvement. 

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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Loos Tales Special Report Feb 7, 2021 Robert David Steele on the future of farming


Farming needs to move to a community based system. Robert David Steele with his views on the real "Build Back Better" campaign on this Loos Tales Special Report Feb 7, 2021.

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Who is John Galt?

Loos Tales Special Feb 6, 2021 Robert David Steele gives preview to longer discussion


Without question we are at a very pivotal moment in our nation. This is the first in a series of discussions with Robert David Steele.

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Celebration of life ‘Semper Fi’ style By Trent Loos

 I think the term “celebration of life” absolutely nails

 what happened on Jan. 30, 2021, for my dear friend

 Bill Broadie in Ashland, Kansas.

Most of you know that no person has been the topic of this column for the past 20 years more than Bill Broadie. The old Marine, cattleman, father, patriot and kind soul worked relentlessly in every endeavor he pursued. The All American Beef Battalion was Bill’s vision from Day 1 and has changed the lives of everyone involved.

I remember the day that Bill called me and shared his vision, most of which was fueled by how he and other Vietnam veterans were treated upon their return from service. In his heart, he knew what it was like to be smeared and really just disrespected for following orders. I really saw personal healing on his part during the 13 years he orchestrated serving steaks to the troops. As the years and meals stacked up, many of us witnessed how Bill went from rarely talking about Vietnam to frequently sharing about the experience.

As one who has never served but wants to find a way to say thank you and try to help, Bill’s effort did wonders. While I did miss the very first All American Beef Battalion feed, to be fair so did Bill, I had no idea what to expect at the Colorado National Guard feed on July 3, 2008. What I found were individuals who were willing to do any thing at any time for our country.

For sharing those stories, interviewing people and verbally saying “thank you” to all who served through printed words and on the radio, I frequently got notes thanking me. People who have been home for 40 plus years told me “thank you, you make me finally feel welcomed home.” All I did was share the appreciation that millions have for the people who are responsible for maintaining our freedom.

Bill Broadie was driven and he was going to see it through. That is what made him a great cattle representative. That actually is what made him a great friend. He knew how to find the right person to get any task completed and, quite frankly, most of his tasks were geared at making other people feel good but that is what made him feel happy as well.

It was very humbling for me to be asked to say a few words at his celebration of life and an even greater honor to read the letter he wrote home from Vietnam to his parents in September 1967. Bill had plenty of reasons to feel sorry for himself in life. He went to combat a Kansas cowboy and came home a seasoned veteran with one leg and two purple hearts. Beyond all of that, he found a way to take the reins and make himself a true success story. I would be remiss if I did not share with you that he told me at least a hundred times that his success hinged upon his high school sweetheart, Linda, who was there when he got back and provided the guide rails through life when it got really foggy. Having those guide rails is essential for our prosperity.

I am confident you know that I could go on and on about my friendship with Bill Broadie but in summary I think what he had the ability to do, as well as anybody I know, was surround himself with great people. While there was no official count, we believe that people from at least a dozen states made their way to Ashland to pay tribute to Bill on this day. We all know you can’t take monetary wealth with you, but knowing that you made a huge difference in personally impacting thousands of lives then you’ve lived “Semper Fi.” May we all seek to emulate this life well-lived.

Editor’s note: Trent Loos is a sixth generation United States farmer, host of the daily radio show, Loos Tales, and founder of Faces of Agriculture, a non-profit organization putting the human element back into the production of food. Get more information at, or email Trent at

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