Friday, January 15, 2021

Rural Route Radio Jan 15, 2021 John Bolin retired U.S. Marshall joins to discuss true law and order and how we move forward.


So many emotions running high today with the events of the world taking place. John Bolin retired U.S. Marshal reminds us not to give some knee jerk reaction but rather step back analyze the situation and think about community first.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Less we forget a nation that cannot feed itself is vulnerable today Dakota Trails and Tales


Dakota Trails and Tales Jan 14, 2021 The bottom line is you can not lose your domestic food and energy production or you are vulnerable

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Across the Pond the COVID "mask" continues call it a snood if you like

 Across the Pond Jan14, 2021 Andrew Henderson joins in a Snood

Today on Across the Pond seriously Nancy Polosi called the General for the Nuclear Codes?

That is alarming in itself

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Bridging the Gap between Rural and Urban


Rural Route Radio Jan 14, 2021 Back on the program Dr. G as we do a deep dive into antibiotic prescriptions and COVID19 vaccine

Family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa from Pittsburg joins Jenny Schweigert and Trent again today to dig deeper into the safety of COVID19 vaccine and quite honestly how to control stress in today's world. 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

True Patriots please take notice President Donald J. Trump is requesting no violence.

John F Kennedy Jan 1960

One hundred years ago, when this state was founded, the people who came here worried about their farms. Now we have to concern ourselves with the whole globe around us. The United States is the great defender of freedom. If we fail, the cause of freedom fails. If we succeed, the cause of freedom succeeds. I ask you to join me, not only in maintaining the vitality of this state and country, but also in joining in a great effort to protect freedom around the globe. In the American Revolution, Thomas Payne said, "The cause of America is the cause of all mankind." I think in 1960 the cause of all mankind is the cause of America.

Loos From the Hip Jan 13, 2021 a message about Inauguration Day 2021

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Across the Pond Jan 13, 2021 today many questions about true insurrectionist?

Today we talk about how an arrest in London 1789 led to the development of the West.

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Rural Route Radio Jan 13, 2021 What I learned at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016 that is playing out today

Today I walk through my experiences in Harney County, OR in Jan 2016. The media always controls the narrative and tells people what to think not simply telling you what has happened. In addition Jeanette Finicum wife of true Patriot LaVoy Finicum joins in a conversation that took place after the Bundy's were found innocent. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Rural Route Radio Jan 12, 2021 this is all about good versus evil

So just how involved is China in the USA future? Jay Truitt and Andrew Henderson join to have a very frank discussion

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Nebraska Gov Pete Ricketts with proclamation January as Human Trafficking month

January is #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth. Thank you to Attorney General Doug Peterson and everyone who joined our proclamation ceremony to highlight the great work being done to combat trafficking in Nebraska. 

To learn more about how we are working to end human trafficking in Nebraska, visit for more information.


HPJ: In hindsight, 2020 sees producers overcome challenges

By Shauna Rumbaugh

Our No. 1 story of the year was a Loos Tales column, “The Stand at Paxton County.” Trent Loos played the role of Tom Gardner in the movie of the same name, which Loos said is “inspired by the story of the Dassinger Ranch in Stark County, North Dakota, and how animal rights organizations work with local authorities to remove animals from their owners.” The film is available on Netflix.

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Across the Pond Jan 12, 2021 Andrew Henderson (UK) and Trent Loos (NE) look at the real threat of China in addition how John F. Kennedy nailed it in a speech Sept 9, 1960 in Merced, CA

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Monday, January 11, 2021

 Across the Pond Jan 11, 2021 Andrew Henderson from UK continues to share information that we don't know yet. National Milk Day and National Human Trafficking Day is going to be yet another day of significance in U.S. history.

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 Loos Tales for Jan 12, 2021 The United Nations is planning for the Food Systems Summit in Sept 2021 but the does the world know what the United States has really accomplished?

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