Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My comments submitted to Good Morning America in response to June 9, 2009 episode

As a sixth generation United States Farmer from Loup City NE, I am extremely disappointed with the bias information presented on modern food production in today’s program. As Chris obviously or intentionally missed the hypocrisy in the information presented by both Michael Pollan and Robert Kenner promoting Food, Inc. The most glaring example would be the mention that food shortages are looming yet the solution presented was reverting back to food production methods of the 1930’s when one farmer fed 10 people. Today’s American Farmer feeds 164 people annually with the safest most reasonably priced food the world has ever seen. Last year the American consumer still only spent 10% of his/her disposable income on food despite reporting of higher food prices by major media sources such as Good Morning America.

I would request the opportunity to come on the show and set the record straight not only about the safety of today’s food system but also how “green” or efficient the whole system is. Cornell University just this week released a study indicating that today’s food system emits 63% less carbon per unit of food produced than the same unit of food produced in 1954. Please give me the opportunity to tell your viewers what is really happening with science, technology and human intervention that benefits 6.7 billion people globally.

Including link: https://blogs.loc.gov/

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