Thursday, February 04, 2021

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Loos Tales Special Report Feb 4, 2021 Craig Bieber joining from BHSS talking about Genomics


The tools available to cattlemen today will push food sustainability to a whole new dimension as explained by Craig Bieber on Loos Tales Special Report Feb 4, 2021. Message made possible by

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Across the Pond Feb 4, 2021 Why are 3 out 4 food containers going back to China empty?


This day in history earthquakes have taken nearly 100,000 lives long before the discovery of fossil fuel.

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Rural Route Radio Feb 4, 2021 Vance Crowe joins to discuss the true division between Rural and Urban America seeking actual solutions and dialogue

With my Thursday co-host Jenny Schweigert brings Vance Crowe to the table to have a genuine discussion about visiting with folks you don't agree with. In addition Vance gives us clear vision of bitcoin concepts the currency of the future.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Loos Tales for Feb 4, 2021 Maybe nothing we take for granted more in modern day than footwear, it is the baseline for total health.


Nothing other than the U.S. flag say America more then the image of the Cowboy. Although today we take a walk down history lane to learn about the most important protection possible, the foot.

Across the Pond Feb 3, 2021 it was this day in 1870 that men, former slaves achieved the right to vote and Lincoln "House Divided" speech


The month of February certainly holds some interesting twist. Today we touch on a few of those including why is no media outlet reporting massive emergency vehicle entrance to nations capitol last evening at 9:03 pm?

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A beautiful calm day before the storm

Dakota Trails and Tales Feb 2, 2021 Conservative ND State Representative Jeff Magrum has concern about folks going to SD for work and residence

ND State Rep Jeff Magrum has a very basic concern, government spend less tax less. The real question is why do folks campaign for less government then when it comes time, spending goes up? 

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Rural Route Radio Feb 3, 2021 Lyon County Kansas zoning regulations are pushing farmers/ranchers off their own property, and outlawing barb wire fence


Angel Cushing has become the voice of reason in Lyon County Kansas standing up to County and City regulators trying to implement total control of the land. This is not just happening in Lyon County Kansas by the way.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Loos Tales for Feb 3, 2021 The reason we love agriculture is it supports, respects, we love LIFE.

We are beginning to see the evil ways of some folks in the world. I can not get my head around child trafficking, sex trafficking or abortion, we support life not taking it.

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U.S. Senate: Civil Rights Filibuster Ended

Loos Tales for Feb 1, 2021 As we hold celebration of life for Bill Broadie


A true American Hero an Old Marine and a Cattleman Bill Broadie was laid to rest in Ashland, KS on Jan 30, 2021.

Across the Pond Feb 2, 2021 Bill Gates now identified as large farmland owner, Trent with details


Andrew Henderson with more details about the day to day happenings in the United States of America than anyone here knows about. Why have we not heard about Antifa holding a hotel in DC hostage?

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Rural Route Radio Feb 2, 2021 Jay Truitt is back and honestly he has educated more American's about how government works than a college professor in entire semester


We have really enjoyed and learned from Jay Truitt joining the program for the past 6 weeks. Again the silver lining in the current storm is clearly the education that folks are getting about the true story behind the U.S. Government inner workings.

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Monday, February 01, 2021

Dakota Trails and Tales Feb 1, 2021 Marty on Monday sharing why he was always too busy to look at local politics now he is besides himself with the action

Are your kids learning about the U.S. Constitution in school? In fact the real question do you know what your kids are being taught in the public school system? Marty as President of Manning School District invites you to the school board meeting.

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Are your kids learning about the U.S. Constitution in school? In fact the real question do you know what your kids are being taught in the public school system? Marty as President of Manning School District invites you to the school board meeting.

Rural Route Radio Feb 1, 2021 So if there is no one enforcing the law, is it actually illegal? Hank Vogler on the latest with SNWA.


The current volatility in all markets should have folks at least questioning what exactly is going on. Hank and Trent get into a discussion where they don't agree on the correct average size of the animal carcasses in the packing plants.

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