Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seriously dude get your head out of your ass

The dawn of New Year from final 2013 High Plains Journal column

2014 must be about preventing erosion

By Trent Loos
There is no doubt that the end of the year is cause for us to individually pause and reflect. It truly set me on a specific educational theme for the coming year.
Straight out of the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty," Phil Robertson has accomplished more in awakening the sleeping giant than anything that happened all year. Whether you agree with what he said or not (which I happen to believe whole-heartedly), you absolutely must be concerned with how he was treated for speaking his mind.
As a person who spends a fair amount of time daily in the media world, I have had this growing concern (even in ag media) about how the information is presented based upon how the sponsor will view the words spoken. I doubt I have to tell you that I do not waste any time thinking about how my sponsor may consider what I say, and quite frankly I think it has given me a niche in the marketplace.
Link to whole story in the High Plains Journal.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Animal Rights Whackjob quote of the day on the importance of vivisection to save human lives.

"You could die tomorrow. I wouldn't sacrifice my goldfish for you." Another commented: "If you had died as a child, no-one would have given a damn."

Italian woman defies animal rights militants after online abuse

An Italian woman who declared in an internet posting that she owed her life to medicines developed from testing on laboratory mice has gone on national television to answer abuse from animal rights militants.

Oh and by the way they share that sentiment with a rather famous animal rights whackjob named Adolf Hitler

Nazi Germany was the first country to ban vivisection in the world, enacting a total ban in April 1933. The measure to ban vivisection was a huge concern and was put forth to the Reichstag as early as 1927. High ranking Nazis such as Hermann Goring, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler were very concerned about animal conservation, particularly pertaining as to how animals were butchered. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Its a kite its a plane its George Jetson no its a pair of bald eagles looking for something dead.

Roswell horse slaughter plant set to open despite government bovine fecal matter

The extent that our Government is going to in order to prevent a citizen of this country to operate a legal and needed business is in itself criminal. All business owners should take notice and more importantly say thank you to the undying intestinal fortitude of one Rick De Los Santos for the fight.

Roswell horse slaughter plant set to open

But New Mexico Attorney General Gary King filed a lawsuit in a state district court last Thursday to block plans to reopen carrying out promises by his office and those of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez that the state was prepared to do everything possible to prevent the plant from ever slaughtering horses.

King argued last week that Valley Meat has the potential to violate food safety laws, and cited that as the reasons for this latest lawsuit.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Animal Rights Whackjob quote of the day UMMM you are a LIAR fur is in at 30 year high in fact

"Fur is now unfashionable amongst right minded people. People know how cruel it is to get fur. It's cruel and uncivilised,"

To read Daily Record story

Queen Elizabeth is the pawn in the animal rights chess game this week. The fact simply do not match there claims. More importantly the greenest most renewable fiber anyone can wear is the natural fur bearing fibers.

The demand for fur is on the rise and prices are booming, providing a windfall to Montana trappers who say their industry has hit a 30-year high.

A recent story by National Public Radio said the retail fur industry held an estimated worth of $15.5 billion last year – an increase of 45 percent from 10 years ago.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Today's animal rights whackjob quote of the day on wolf hunting

Salmon, ID recently sponsored a wolf hunting derby

But lately that way of life has come under scrutiny after a local outfitter announced a wolf derby in which hunters will be given cash prizes for killing wolves.

Several in the town of 3,000 say they've received threatening e-mails and Facebook messages from all over the world.

"Sick [expletives] like you need to be removed from the planet. I hope a pack of wolves eviscerates you and leaves your worthless carcass to die slowly, painfully and alone."

Things that make you go HMMM and thank a duck hunter.

Top 3 Largest National Christian Populations:

US - 246,780,000 (79.5% of the Population) 
Brazil - 175,770,000 (90.2% of the Population) 
Mexico - 107,780,000 (95% of the Population) 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

@bretoelke is speaking right now at ND Poultry Convention in Fargo. Oh and I am ALL smiles ask him about last item

Fear mongering comes in shrimp size bites too

Wow this sounds a lot like the rhetoric against modern livestock production. Oh wait it is the same. So I am not in favor of imported food although if you have been enjoying shrimp with no ill effects why would you change your consumption habits now?

Why You May Never Want to Eat Shrimp Again

By the numbers, shrimp is America's No. 1 seafood by a long shot, and a whopping 85 percent of the shrimp we eat is imported. Some is farmed, and some is wild. And when it arrives in the U.S.,  
almost none of this food is ever inspected.

When it is inspected, some of the top reasons it's rejected are "filth," salmonella, and residues of banned veterinary drugs. (Hungry yet?)

Overseas, shrimp is often farmed in ponds that are treated with a long list of chemicals: urea, superphosphate, diesel, piscicides (fish-killing chemicals like chlorine and rotenone), pesticides, antibiotics (including some that are banned in the U.S.), sodium tripolyphosphate (a suspected neurotoxin), borax, and occasionally caustic soda.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Here is today Animal Rights Whackjob movement, this time in the Government

SHOULD goldfish have a voice in parliament? Marianne Thieme, leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals (PvdD) thinks so. Ever since the party won two seats in parliament in 2006, its members have been busy, asking more written questions than most and tabling motions on topics from biotech to halal slaughter to the life of goldfish.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The truth in animal protein production slowly but surely leaking out

With glimmers of truth about modern livestock agriculture surfaces in the particular NPR blog piece it still ignores the fact that animals when managed properly are beneficial to planet and human health. All in all I will take this as a step in the right direction.

Industrial Meat Bad, Small Farm Good? It's Not So Simple

And when it's harder to feed animals, they also produce more emissions. For example, cattle scrounging for food in arid East Africa might release the equivalent of 1,000 pounds of carbon for every pound of protein they produce. Compare that with many parts of the U.S. and Europe, where a cow might generate about 10 pounds of carbon per pound of protein.


The paper also reminds us that India is the world's biggest producer of milk and China, the largest producer of pork. Asia accounts for 55 percent of global pork production, dwarfing Europe (26 percent) and the U.S. (17 percent).

Link to whole story here

Monday, December 16, 2013

Here is today's Whackjob Animal Rights quote

"The Rights of Nature," Roderick Nash describes human progress as the act of granting rights — first to white men who owned property, then to all white men, then to women, then to people of color, etc. Extending the base of that pyramid into the animal kingdom is man's next act of contrition for ten thousand years of domination.

Loos Trails and Tales Dec 16, 2013 Chirikof Island wild cows must go says Steve Delehanty

Hundred if not thousands of cattle live on Chirikof Island a 33,000 acre Island 230 miles SW of Kodiak Island. Steve Delehanty joins me on the air today soliciting comments with the proper way to remove the cows because they are disrupting the ecosystem. Whether that is correct or not it is interesting story.

Guess what is back in the news Wild Cows on Chirikof Island

This was printed in the High Plains Journal back in 2003

Chirikof Island Government Killers
By Trent Loos

I have received many inquiries in the past three weeks about the "wild cows" on Chirikof Island. I have been somewhat silent, waiting for developments to happen without causing any problems. Today I can report the last developments.I was on Chirikof Island from Oct 19- Oct 26. When we left, the boat was to be at the beach within twenty-four hours loading the 80 head that were in a 100 acre pen caring them back to the mainland. It is a thirty boat ride from Kodiak Island...200 hundred miles out to Chirikof Island. The boat arrived about two days later than expected. Now the rush is the winter weather. Evidently, the Pacific Ocean is not an ideal road if you know what I mean.

Link here for rest of the column

BECAUSE Ten years later it is back in the news Dec 2013.

Cattle herds on remote Alaska islands face threat

Federal wildlife managers have asked this month for public comment as they seek to remove nearly 1,000 animals from the uninhabited, isolated islands in southwest Alaska.

"The purpose is to stop the grazing on these two islands," said biologist Steve Ebbert with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. "We know we have a problem."

Link to whole story

Friday, December 13, 2013

Just another whackjob animal rights activist who says

Gary Yourofsky said he sees no point in caring about any human beings so long as animals that are being regularly slaughtered. "When people start eating sliced up Jew flesh, or seared Palestinian children in between two slices of bread with onions, pickles and mustard, then I'll be concerned about the Middle East situation," 

Feeding the growing population frustrations

The United States agricultural system has the resources knowledge and desire to meet the ever growing global demand for food. The day has come that people and groups who get in the way should be labeled as anti-human. The constant rejection of proven safe technology is the greatest challenge we face.

Putting this into light is the recent report by Abstract Potsdam Institute

In our globalizing world, the geographical locations of food production and consumption are becomingincreasingly disconnected, which increases reliance on external resources and their trade. We quanti´Čüed to what extent water and land constraints limit countries' capacities, at present and by 2050, to produce on their own territory the crop products that they currently import from other countries. Scenarios of increased crop productivity and water use, cropland expansion (excluding areas prioritized for other uses) and population change are accounted for.

We found that currently 16% of the world population use the opportunities of international trade to
cover their demand for agricultural products. Population change may strongly increase the number of people depending on ex situ land and water resources up to about 5.2 billion (51% of world population) in the SRES A2 scenario. International trade will thus have to intensify if population growth is not accompanied by dietary change towards less resource-intensive products, by cropland expansion, or by productivity improvements, mainly in Africa and the Middle East.

Up to 1.3 billion people may be at risk of food insecurity in 2050 in present low-income economies (mainly in Africa), if their economic development does not allow them to afford productivity increases, cropland expansion and/or imports from other countries.

Agriculture's sport is Rodeo

Is there a better way to put the face on today's farmer/rancher? Loos Tales Dec 10, 2013 says maybe not.

Listen by clicking here
Loos Tales Dec 10, 2013 Bump Kraeger Rodeo is Agriculture's sport why don't we capitalize on it more?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Troy Hadrick says on Rural Route Radio

Today's Rural Route Radio will be posted later but Troy Hadrick is correct. "The FDA has found a solution now they are trying to find a problem" speaking of their announcement to ban growth promoting antibiotics in food animal agriculture.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tyson overstepping its bounds based on emotion

Every day we complain about emotion instead of science ruling the day well here is Tyson contributing to the problem. Drovers reports":

As consumers grow more concerned with animal welfare issues, Tyson says beef producers will have to follow on-farm requirements for animal treatment next year if they want to work with the major meat processor.

Hey here is the news flash 99% of the consumers have not a thought about animal welfare. More times than not we create the buzz instead of answering it. The American consumer does not think about it because they only care about access, quality, safety and price. Another undercover video comes out and we do our self more damage than the video did. 

Nothing here Mr Tyson that hunger would not fix. If you want operate as the EU meat companies have done maybe you should relocate over the pond

Trent Loos

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Monday, December 02, 2013

Cowboy Math

So if 314 million Americans go Meatless on Monday's it reduces GHG's by 0.2%. So if 10,000 Norway's soldiers go Meatless on Monday what did they accomplish? A weakened Army.

Like it or not, you need to have facts from the High Plains Journal

GreenHouse Gas facts

In the United States, 6 percent of all GHGs are emitted from agriculture. Of that, 3.4 percent of the total are from livestock agriculture while it is believed that roughly 1.4 percent come from beef production. Mitloehner has made the case that if Meatless Monday were to be mandated with all 314 million Americans, the reduction of GHGs would be only 0.2 percent. This is so insignificant in the big picture, and we all need to be armed with facts like this that we can repeat as often as necessary to set the record straight. 
Dr. Frank Mitloehner UC-Davis

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

And the blizzard treat that tops off the day. SD ranchers here is to your recovery.

Hey look every food group included in that DQ bacon cheeseburger.

DQ Relief for Ranchers #5 today Sharon Pond owner of Sisseton DQ with my 5th bacon cheeseburger of the day. Thanks for the blizzard Sharon although Butterfinger still my choice Pumpkin Pie was good. Off to Winnipeg...

DQ Relief for Ranchers stop #4 Watertown and owner Paula Maloney cooks me a bacon cheeseburger just as good as my first one. Oh wait Paula I forgot to pay I owe you $3.73. ..sorry

DQ Relief for Rancher 3rd stop in Brookings Alltech Inc. hits Grand Slam purchases 100 cheeseburgers for area AG businesses being delivered now. Watertown DQ I am on my way.

Delon Mork owner of Madison DQ is great American 2 down on DQ Relief for Ranchers...No Matt Bruner sighting....Brookings next for real.

Holy cow (pun intended) Madison SD is packed with support for DQ Relief for Ranchers.... bacon cheeseburger on order.

DQ Relief for Ranchers underway with Jeff Hilgenberg owner and Teri GM 26th Marion in Sioux Falls. Bacon Cheeseburger never tasted better. Brookings next.....

While a fresh blanket of snow on standing field of corn can be beautiful sight were I that farmer it would cause a degree of fright.

Including link: https://blogs.loc.gov/

"I thought this was simply a  nursery rhyme:  how could one bake living birds in a pie? I discovered that royalty and the upper class, ...