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For the most part people know that beef comes from cattle. But very few actually understand all of the ways that cattle improve our lives.

Here is a great link to the University of Nebraska website with Fun Facts about all of the ways cattle make life easier.

Just the facts

Here are just a couple examples

There is a sticky part on the bandages that can be made from animal fatty acids since fatty
acids are used to make adhesives.

Household and office products also may contain beef byproducts. Dog food might include
chicken, beef or pork byproducts. Rawhide bones that dogs chew on are made from animal

Laundry pre-treatments contains enzymes – a protein found in cattle and sheep.
There is a certain kind of china that knick knacks may be made out of that can be made
from an animal byproduct – bone china. Bone china is made from the bones.

There may be fatty acids from cattle or other animals added to toilet paper to make it soft.

What’s on the label of the glue bottle? There is a cow on the label of glue because you
can use a cow’s hooves and horns to make glue.

Dish soap may contain beef fat that helps make your hands soft.

Including link: https://blogs.loc.gov/

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