Friday, March 05, 2021

Harvey, ND FFA Chapter has such incredible community support. Truly an example of what all should be like.

Judge Henderson is raving mad his "My Pillow" is not what he expected at all


Across the Pond Mar 5, 2021 Andrew Henderson ask Judge Henderson at Ball Farm Justice to expose the ridiculously overpriced "My Pillow" product he received in the mail. But....wait for it,

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Rural Route Radio Mar 5, 2021 "What the Fogarty?" Dr. Ted today on the real impact in human healing through a hyperbaric chamber, yes in home.


Dr. Ted Fogarty puts sunshine not only on his shirtless body but the voodoo economics of human medicine today. The hyperbaric healing has been known for 300 years yet the medical community puts profit above quality of life.

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Globally the bee population is growing and getting healthier despite challenges


Charlene Bedal is currently working on bee pheromones' and strategies at continuing to improve the health of the bee population. Let us not forget 1 in every 3 bites of food we take comes from bees pollinating something.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

So did Abraham Lincoln truly sell the USA to the Bank of London


Across the Pond Mar 4, 2021 Andrew Henderson starts by "Circling back" to us on the previous question of whether Abraham Lincoln had family ties to Lincolnshire, England.

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Rural Route Radio Mar 4, 2021 Leah McGrath RD LD joins on the dietary role in grocery stores, SNAP and the military.


So how important are the dietary guidelines? Why have grocery stores pulled back support of the dietician in store? Where do SNAP recipients need to turn for information? Many great discussions on this edition of "we the people" with Jenny Schweigert and Leah McGrath on Rural Route Radio.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Farmers short of water in the San Joaquin Valley in California will impact food price


Wayne Western Jr. board member of CA Farm Water Coalition joins to explain exactly what it means that farmers are only getting 5% water allocation in 2021.

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Rural Route Radio Mar 3, 2021 Gregg Doud is back, who is the "Farmer of the Future?" China phase one trade deal what's happening now?


Today Gregg Doud brings us up to speed on his new employment and how "War Gaming" is viewed from an agricultural perspective. Most importantly today we shares the true impact China is making and will make in U.S. farm country.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Farmers need exact science and if nutrition is off, nothing works. Across The Pond March 2, 2021

Andrew Henderson is a dairy nutritionist, Ray Brown is a dairymen in the UK and Trent Loos is prodding for the right discussion about how important essential nutrients are in the diet.

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Loos from the Hip Mar 2, 2021 Ben Sasse really needs to be like my pile of "Organic Nutrients" CLEANED OUT


We as stockman need to know when to clean the barn, as do we as voters. Implement the will of the people or exit stage left.

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Across the Pond Mar 2, 2021 Bill Gates and the United States contribute more to WHO annually than any other country. That is troubling


This version of Ball Farm Justice Judge Henderson sheds light on the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates seem to be giving money to WHO in a conflict of interest. Oh additionally Bobby and Brett Hull set NHL records same day 25 years apart. 

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Andrew Henderson UK actually has a point, describing a "Farmers Dream"


Watch Andrew Henderson with real world advice in communicating with animals

Bill Gates has "invested" more money in the WHO than almost all countries, it is troubling


Across the Pond Mar 2, 2021 Judge Henderson holds court at the Ball Farm Justice version looking at lawsuit against world leaders for putting humans at risk in the name of COVID-19.

Rural Route Radio Mar 2, 2021 Ray Brown noted dairyman UK used to think the footpaths were a nuisance, now he is enhancing them past his farm


Across the Pond version of Rural Route Radio as Andrew Henderson brings noted friend and dairymen from the UK Ray Brown on the air. Bidlea Farm has made a true mark in the dairy business by producing cows of true sustainability in the dairy business. Stop in with bottle and get a swig of whole milk. 

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Monday, March 01, 2021

"He has a 1776 Patriot brain in a 2021 body" Dakota Trails & Tales


Marty Beard regular guest on Monday Dakota Trails and Tales truly captures the problem of divide and conquer. Far too often we sit down with enemy thinking that if we partner they will no longer try to kill us. WRONG.

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Rural Route Radio Mar 1, 2021 Hank Vogler lays it out there, ranchers and private property rights trampled while government illegally grow in ranching


While we address a tremendous number of issues to me the priority lies in the fact that while government agencies run farmers/ranchers out of business the Mother Ship is too quick to pick it up. Hammonds have once again lost their permits to graze their own private deeded property.

Across the Pond Mar 1, 2021 On this day in history Nebraska had great foresight 1860


Andrew Henderson in the UK shares with us the history of Yellowstone 1872 but the insight of Nebraska Territory in 1860 truly shines. Oh and corruption is nothing new.

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