Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Arise USA: John Bolin says fight for your life!

Rumble — Former US Marshall John Bolin shares his real life experience as a parable for all of us to fight for our lives. Via ARISE USA John Bolin via Rumble

Rural Route Radio June 29, 2021 So how close is the USA to complete communism? Jay Truitt and Trent actually take on Andrew Henderson on topic

The answer is clearly local control, if people engage at the local level no amount of Federal mandate will affect US. That seems to be a hard concept for some to grasp and we do a deep dive into the topic today. Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor

On this day in 2007 the world changed forever, Andrew shares why

Across the Pond June 29, 2021 We have become creatures of convenience and as a result we have been grossly mislead. View Across the Pond via Rumble

Including link: https://blogs.loc.gov/

"I thought this was simply a  nursery rhyme:  how could one bake living birds in a pie? I discovered that royalty and the upper class, ...