Thursday, March 19, 2015

Should somebody be really pissed about eating this "veal" of the vegetable world?

Beef the source of iron that too many women are lacking

Heme vs. Nonheme Iron Lean meats contain heme iron, which is much more easily absorbed by the body than nonheme iron found in plant foods. Heme iron is an important dietary component for promoting cognitive health, including memory, ability to learn and reasoning. Heme iron is particularly beneficial for growing children because research indicates that some toddlers are at higher risk for iron deficiency, and childhood iron-deficiency anemia is associated with behavioral and cognitive delays.2 Through an effect known as the "meat factor," beef helps the body absorb nonheme iron. Unlike plant proteins, beef is the food supply's most easily absorbed source of iron. In addition, beef is an excellent source of readily available zinc. The absorption of zinc from beef is about four times greater than that from a high-fiber breakfast cereal. As with iron, including meat in your diet also improves the absorption of zinc from other foods.

Monday, March 16, 2015

If I had it to do over while giving blood today I would have waited until after the vegetarian poked me to give her speech about beef the best source heme iron.

I absolutely love this line from the greatest Patriot movie ever.

There are 3 kinds of people in this world sheep, predators and watch dogs. In my family we don't have any sheep we don't want any predators and strive to be watch dogs protecting the flock.

Meatless Monday to help environment is a fraud

In the United States, 6 percent of all GHGs are emitted from agriculture. Of that, 3.4 percent of the total are from livestock agriculture while it is believed that roughly 1.4 percent come from beef production. Mitloehner has made the case that if Meatless Monday were to be mandated with all 314 million Americans, the reduction of GHGs would be only 0.2 percent. This is so insignificant in the big picture, and we all need to be armed with facts like this that we can repeat as often as necessary to set the record straight. 
Dr. Frank Mitloehner UC-Davis

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