Saturday, August 07, 2021

Get along little hoggie

ARISE USA Tour songs by Karen Staley

Hope you will check out my visit this morning with our traveling poet Troubadour on the ARISE USA Tour, Karen Staley.  ALL the songs (yes, including the one about "the jab!")  that you folks  have been asking for are now available to download at Karen is committed to giving back to local constitutional causes, including Save the Cowboy. Many have been devastated by these fires and could sure use that help right now. Karen is giving $5 from each album purchased to this organization ("God Save the Cowboy Everywhere is on this album). You can listen to a clip of each song on her homepage at  Let's keep the good vibes/frequencies happening Patriots and we continue to sing-a-long and encourage one another daily.

Friday, August 06, 2021

Land grab and music grab have many parallels you most likely never thought about Karen Staley has the tune

Loos Tales Special Report Aug 6, 2021 35 year song writer and true American Patriot Karen Staley shares the inside scoop from Nashville that I am wiling to bet most have not thought about. View the Loos Tales Special Report via Rumble

Rural Route Radio Aug 6, 2021 The real Cowboy, history and present who is sharing the actually facts? John L. Moore from Miles City, MT for sure

To be successful in life there is no question that resilience is the key to success. The cowboy way is certainly built around the concept of finding a way to see a path of success no how many loops you missed in previous tosses. Listen to the Rural Route Radio via Anchor

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Rural Route Radio Aug 4, 2021 JC Cole brings advise on preparedness to a whole new level today, food and communication top of mind

We have covered many times how much we take our just in time food system for granted. Today we do a deep dive on the communication systems, and if cell service went away how would you handle it? Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor

Monday, August 02, 2021

Literally behind the scenes

Total number of plays Rural Route Radio Aug 2, 2021 Hank Vogler with the latest details on a completely mis-managed Wild Horse program that is dangerous to all

When the Wild Horse Management Areas were established they determined what the proper inventory would be for each individual area. The area that Hank uses was 167, so then why is there 6600 horses there and who does that? Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor

Loos Tales for Aug 2, 2021 Great meeting in the Smokey Mountain "Wilderness" with Tennessee Cattlemen and yes cows are VITAL to health

Great folks gather for the TN Cattlemen's summer meeting in Sevier County. Researcher Dr. Vivien Allen reminds Trent that cows are vital even in crop production. Listen to Loos Tales via Anchor

Rural Route Radio July 30, 2021 Protect the Harvest continues to lead the charge in standing up to the animal rights folks who want to steal animals

Theresa Lucas Mchahan shares the importance of standing up for property rights in all phases of life in America. Protect the Harvest has been on the front lines fighting to save animal ownership at every level. Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor

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