Thursday, March 01, 2012

Nicole Small
Neodesha, KS writes letter to expose the truth about modern food production.

Hello All,

Some of you have hear this story, and others have not so please bear with me. This week my oldest, a third grader, brought home a little "magazine" in a plastic bag that had a gummy vitamin in it. I was eating breakfast as he left to get on the bus, so I sat down to read it. The magazine had several advertisements and articles about keeping kids healthy during cold and flu season. When I got to the next to last page, I think my blood pressure must have doubled. (See scan #14) An ad for Moms for Antibiotic Awareness with a lot of misleading fact. After showing the booklet to my pig farmer friend, Michael Springer, and getting his response, I call the school to complain about the poor information against agriculture that they were distributing through the school. The principal admitted that she did not know what I was talking about and would have to look into it. She called me back within 2 minutes and said that PTO had brought them in....I am a member of PTO. Uggh I then contacted the president of PTO who also knew nothing about the fliers and did more checking. One of the PTO members, on her own, had signed up at a website called Apparently, she has received baskets for raffles and other handouts before. I am not blaming her at all for this incident. In fact, I should probably send her a thank you note for educating all of us; however, she did take it very personally that I stopped the mini-magazines from going to the entire school system. She and the President of PTO contend that everyone has an opinion. My response is yes, but I send my children to school to learn the facts not opinions.

I called our other elementary school and they did have the booklets, but they had not went out yet. I e-mailed a scan of the page to our District 3 Farm Bureau representative who happens to be one the school board members and whose wife happens to work in the school district office. I am not sure what actions were taken by him, but I do know that no more of the booklets went out. In fact, my son and the neighbor girl are possibly the only ones in their classroom that took them home, because they ride a later bus. YAY!! This is the reason that I have not been able to find very many copies of the book and scans of the entire book are attached.

We have always heard that HSUS and other activist organizations are targeting our children with propaganda like this, but not in my children's school! I am thankful that I had people to support me and back me up. The backlash on Facebook against me, as the (supposed) unnamed parent, was pretty intense; however, I missed most of it because I was showing the book the District Farm Bureau leaders. I have had friends call to check on me after the outcry on Facebook and tell me that they were proud that I stated the facts and let the others go to blows. I am proud to say that I did this and would do it again tomorrow if I had to, but I really don't want to be forced there again.

The PEW Charitable Trust is asking for comments from mothers about antibiotics, I encourage all of you to join in the conversation at

Nicole Small

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