Friday, May 14, 2021

The proof is now quite clear, Maricopa County election littered with fraud


Across the Pond May 14, 2021 Andrew Henderson has tons to share about the impact of the voter fraud in Arizona. All Trent wants to talk about is the danger in creating the USDA.

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The energy sector is quite fragile and it appears we choose to ignore that Kash Patel with details


Loos Tales Special Report May 14, 2021 Kash Patel with current details on how much risk our nation is currently in with the energy supply. It is a time to stand for the truth.

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Rural Route Radio May 14, 2021 Rebecca Cunningham brings the real world to life with her films as a Vagabond and Moto-Journalist living in her bus


Today we cover the gamut from making films about oil business to riding motor bikes you need to pedal to start. Mostly we just ask people to get more involved in the system and don't believe everything you see.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The military veterans can remain quiet no longer, Biden not fit for service


Across the Pond May 13, 2021 on this day in 1787 Arthur Phillip led 11 vessels across the ocean with 1030 people, mostly criminals to create modern day Australia. In addition the news we don't get in the U.S. today is alarming.

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Rapid City Now May 12, 2021 Staying on top of the overreach called 30 X 30

 Mike Fell bringing West River, SD up to speed on all of the challenges facing land owners with the encroachment we call Land Grab.

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Rural Route Radio May 13, 2021 Troy Bredenkamp RFA with latest update on fuel availability and impact bio fuels have in our energy future.


So why can't I start making ethanol in my backyard to fuel my own vehicles? How much erosion has taken place with the infrastructure of our oil supply? Bio-fuels from our nations farms are part of the solution but are they getting a fair shake? So many questions.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Currents 031: Trent Loos on Family Ranching


Trent Loos talks to Jim about his multi-generational Nebraska-based ranching operation…

Trent Loos talks to Jim about his multi-generational Nebraska-based ranching operation. They cover the deep history of the family ranch, types of animals, dealing with predators,  pork production & breeding, the decline in quality of industrial pork, beef production and breeds, grass vs grain-fed beef, old-time animal trailing, 4-H fairs and auctions, slaughterhouse labor shortages, food economics & cultural norms, super CSA’s, soil health & livestock, generational knowledge, and much more.

Trent Loos is a sixth-generation United States Rancher that is documenting life in the business of food production while protecting the environment.

Currents 031: Trent Loos on Family Ranching - The Jim Rutt Show

Nebraska steers folks straight on beef facts

Celebrating and Savoring Nebraska Beef

Celebrating and Savoring Nebraska Beef

By Governor Pete Ricketts

May 11, 2021


Governor's official photo here


Nebraska has long been known as the Beef State and May is Beef Month, so it's the perfect time to enjoy a delicious burger or steak. 


Agriculture is our state's largest industry, and beef is the biggest segment of Nebraska agriculture.  Our beef industry generates about $10.6 billion in cash receipts each year, which is roughly half of all ag receipts in Nebraska.  Nationally, Nebraska ranks #1 for commercial cattle slaughter, and we're number two for beef exports, commercial red meat production, all cattle and calves, and all cattle on feed.  Beef creates jobs, not only for ranchers and feeders but also for animal breeders, butchers, cattle auctioneers, feed mill operators, food processing workers, rangeland scientists, steakhouse owners, veterinarians, and more.  Nebraska's beef production continues to grow and generate new opportunities.  Since 2015, Nebraska's farmers, ranchers, and feeders have added over 500,000 head of cattle to operations here in our state.


Nebraska beef is popular around the world.  Japan and South Korea are the biggest international markets for our beef.  In 2020, we supplied 62.6% of all U.S. beef exports to the European Union, and over 90% of our country's beef exports to Israel.  This year, Nebraska set an all-time record for first quarter beef exports, topping $350 million of exports from January through March 2021. 


While our family ranches are working to grow Nebraska, anti-livestock activists have been spreading misinformation about the healthiness of beef in an effort to get people to eat less meat.  It's important to counter these attacks with some basic facts.  Beef is an important part of a nutritional, healthy diet.  It's packed with protein.  You can get as much protein from three ounces of beef as you can from three cups of quinoa—and who wants to eat that much quinoa?  Beef is a nutrient dense food.  It contains essential components of a good diet such as vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, and iron.  Eating beef helps you build and preserve muscle and maintain a strong immune system.  It's also a great source of energy and brainpower.  Plus it tastes great!  These are some of the reasons why beef consumption in America during 2019 (the most recent year of data available) was at its highest point in over a decade. 


While raising livestock for consumption is our way of life, this industry is under attack.  Radical environmentalists and supporters of the Green New Deal have been pushing a climate agenda that's opposed to animal agriculture.  Their ill-informed attacks reveal a lack of knowledge about modern agricultural practices.  Our family ranches are continuously improving the efficiency of their operations.  The United States produces the same amount of beef now as it did in 1977, with 33% fewer animals.  Since the 1960s, our ranchers have contributed to a 66% increase in national beef production, while helping the U.S. cattle industry reduce its carbon footprint by 40%.  Per pound of beef produced, the U.S. has some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in the world—measuring 10-50 times lower than in many other parts of the globe.


Anti-livestock environmentalists also fail to grasp the importance of beef to the global food supply.  Worldwide, two-thirds of land isn't suitable for growing crops, but much of it can be grazed by livestock.  In fact, 86% of livestock feed can't be eaten by humans.  Taking away beef as a food source would jeopardize our ability to feed our growing world. 


In the early days of his presidency, Joe Biden has allied himself with radical environmentalists.  In January, he signed an executive order calling for 30% of lands and waters to be set aside for conservation by 2030 (30 x 30).  Last week, the Biden-Harris Administration released a vague report on its 30 x 30 program.  It contained a lot of hollow platitudes and few new details on the plan.  While the report states that 30 x 30 will include voluntary private measures, at least in part, this reassurance is not enough.  If the Biden Administration really believed that voluntary measures worked, they would leave conservation efforts to the states and private landowners instead of pursuing a national strategy that imposes goals written by federal bureaucrats. 


President Biden needs to side with our hard-working farm and ranch families rather than caving to the radical demands of environmental lobbyists in DC.


Here in Nebraska, we will continue to fully support our ag producers as they work to feed the world.  We'll defend our way of life, and we'll protect the rights of our landowners against federal encroachment.


If you have questions about the State of Nebraska's work to support agriculture, please email or call 402-471-2244. 


To show your support for our ranchers, I invite you to participate in the Good Life Great Steaks Beef Passport program presented by the Nebraska Beef Council.  The Passport program features 41 restaurants in our state that serve premium Nebraska beef.  From now through September 7, 2021, passport holders can earn stamps by dining at participating restaurants.  After collecting stamps, diners can then submit them to be entered into prize drawings.  To order a passport, see a list of participating restaurants, and get information on program rules and prizes, go to

The Land Grabs taking place currently 30 X 30, Conservation Easements and National Heritage Area's


Loos Tales Special Report May 11, 2021 Aaron Popelka Attorney for Kansas Livestock Association joins to discuss the legal take on each of the three areas of concern in Federal Land Grabs.

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The grass is literally greener on other side of the fence


Loos from the Hip May 10, 2021 The grass just really has not popped yet but first 15 pair are headed to the hills.

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We discuss the impact Andrew Carnegie has had on crippling farm families


Across the Pond May 11, 2021 Carnegie sold his steel business in 1901 for $450 million to J.P. Morgan. He promptly gave away 90% to philanthropic means through the country. He did not support Income or Property Tax but believed in 100% Inheritance Tax, hence we have a problem Houston.

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Rural Route Radio May 11, 2021 Jay Truitt joins Andrew and Trent talking about NOBODY'S favorite topic, TAXES. Inheritance Tax takes out many of farm/ranch families.

Andrew Carnegie actually lobbied and influenced the first Inheritance Tax. He believe it was a disgrace to die a wealthy man, so lobbied to make sure nobody did that. He supported a 100% death tax. Today the tax load is quite frankly unbearable and we hit it head on with this discussion.

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Monday, May 10, 2021

Rural Route Radio May 10, 2021 Hank Vogler loses two more men, 6 total in 2 weeks to a coyote. He truly is a travel agent and it becoming unbearable.


Why the nation is reeling from unchecked immigration from the South, the employers throughout the country are facing severe times when it comes to keeping immigrant employees. Coyote are lurking knowing where the latest arrivals and lure them away immediately. 

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