Friday, June 19, 2009

Chipolte pork comes from pigs that drink their own urine. I have just watched the Nightline segment that aired this week. Here are the comments I posted to their website

I am a sixth generation United States farmer and grew up raising pigs in this manner. I cannot believe that Nightline would promote the environment damage that comes along with this style of food production. We moved to confined facilities because we had no ability to protect the environment. I could take you to those pens today 30 years later where hogs had been rooting and show you the destruction of native vegetation. Most importantly the consumers should understand that those pigs in the background were drinking water from the very same puddle they urinated in. I prefer my pork from pigs that drink fresh water. I will never buy from Chipolte again. Furthermore invite me on your show to tell the real story of modern agriculture.

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