Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This mare I am calling "Start Again" because her mother was called Genesis. She is sired by Midnight Moon and you will see me quite a bit aboard this flashy mare this spring.
My first day at the 2013 PA Farm Show with the Today's Agriculture display. This is the most progressive presentation of modern food production in the whole nation.
Long time friend Tom Farrer from Royal Center, IN has just selected the Berkshire bred gilt as the Supreme Champion female. The first time in the history of the PA Farm Show that a Berkshire has been named Grand Champion.
Isaac Lewis is the Ag teacher and FFA advisor at Hampshire High School in Romney, WV invites me to partner in the purchase of this Supreme Grand Champion Berkshire bred gilt. We end up buying her together for a record price of $3400. She is due to farrow on Jan 25th and will do so at the Hampshire High School swine farm.

New Years Day 2013

We have decided to invite friends and family over for the New Years Day Capitol One Bowl with Nebraska vs Georgia. I am going to smoking a pork shoulder with cedar.
I have not used this smoker enough but three hours later the shoulder was a huge hit.
Although the frigid temperatures below zero required me to smoke water lines under the farrowing house as well.
I too was celebrating the bringing the New Year 2013 only thing is I was giving this piglet mouth to mouth in order that it would survive at 12:00 straight up.
She survived and her earnotch is 8-2 we shall see how she turns out later this summer.

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