Friday, January 22, 2021

Rural Route Radio Jan 22, 2021 Ted Fogarty with very troubling news today, SM now censorship on medical intervention techniques to treat COVID-19

Dr. Ted Fogarty today from the lawn of the ND State Capitol in Bismarck sharing with us how he has been censored this week on SM at the same time he was testifying in this very building. How human lives are being negatively affected by greed and power. 

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Across the Pond Jan 22, 2021 we celebrate Life and how much farmers have improved it


A great discussion about how the height of the human has changed in 500 years and food storage has impacted it.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Called Comfort Animal Rights Activist are wrong

They often say they need to speak for animals because animals can't speak for themselves. For true Stockman animals speak every second of every day. When pigs have this laying pattern, they have no stress. 

Rural Route Radio Jan 21, 2021 Day after disappointment Andrew Henderson joins with apology and Jenny Schweigert explains WH.Gov situation


The problem was there was a promise of popcorn like a great movie unfolding, but the ending was a bit more than surprising. Today two great conversation about the current condition not only of the United States but Liberty for mankind around the world.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Loos Tales for Jan 21, 2021 so some times that calf just doesn't come the exact day you thought it would, but it comes


We have so much access to data today that some times we just have too much. We have made huge strides in food production thanks to data but remember things happen on God's will not ours.

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Loos Tales for Jan 20, 2021 The red, white and blue waves true on American Farms and Ranches. Care for the land is more important than ever.


Today we just get back to the basics on what is really important in life.

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Rural Route Radio Jan 20, 2021 Bryan Jorgensen talking how all healthy things come back to soil health. In spirit of the late Martin Jorgensen

 This conversation actually took place on Dec 10, 2015 in Pierre, SD. I am sharing it today because soil health can not get too much attention and most importantly thank you President Donald J. Trump.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Rural Route Radio Jan 19, 2021 Is this Ground Zero for good versus evil? Jay Truitt joins again to shares his wisdom from 25 years on Capitol Hill.


Another great discussion about the reality of how the U.S. Government actually works. Jay Truitt, Andrew Henderson and Trent Loos lay on the cards on the table as to where we go from here.

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Rural Route Radio Jan 18, 2021 Hank Vogler on the the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. who hijacked the American Dream?


The farm price of lamb soars to $3/lb and we ponder who stole the concept of the American Dream.  How do the people once again reclaim "We the People?"

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Don't fall prey to orchestrated chaos

 As printed in the High Plains Journal Jan 15, 2021

Don’t fall prey to orchestrated chaos

It’s a crazy world but I have been here before. Yes, it was the same global involvement and worldwide attention but the events of last week have taken me back to Jan 2016 when Patriots occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, OR. As a quick reminder, Dwight and Stephen Hammond were sent back to prison because the Obama administration thought ranchers that burned 138 acres of Federal Land (with permission) to stop a wildfire should be in prison for 5 years as domestic terrorists. A small group of Patriots went to the wildlife refuge to take a stand for the Hammonds and, quite frankly, for Liberty itself. Little did we realize at the time that this was the training ground for a global coop that took place five years later.

On Friday Jan 8, 2016, I was honored to be asked to moderate a town hall meeting in Burns, OR hosted by the Harney County Committee of Safety. There were about 400 people in attendance made up of about half local residents, mostly farmers and ranchers, and the other half global media. The meeting was productive, very respectful and very tense at the time. For nearly two hours I facilitated local folks taking the microphone and sharing their concerns. Clearly, the overwhelming sentiment expressed was “we have no concern about what Ammon Bundy and the Patriots are doing out at the refuge but we are extremely concerned about what the Federal Government is doing to our town.”

So you can imagine my shock the next morning when I started reading major media accounts of the meeting. The overwhelming message they shared was something along the lines of “Burns residents tired of Bundy; want him to go home.” WAIT a minute! I was the moderator and that is not even close to the message the local residents sent. I remember at the time I was telling people that as I read those articles in the LA Times and other publications, it seemed to me that they were actually written by the Federal Government itself and not the journalists that were present.

I am now convinced that the articles were pre-written with only a few blanks left to fill in with a quote here and there to make it look legit. There was one more thing that later became public in the trial and we now see happening in real life all across the country. Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum may have led a small group of Patriots, 12 on the first day if I remember right, to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge but in the trials that were held in Oregon, we learned that there were more FBI undercover agents and informants than there were actual Patriots inside the refuge. 

A significant bit of information, proven at trial, was that the ONLY brandishing of weapons came from the undercover folks trying to make it look like gun-toting rednecks had invaded and were ready to kill. The truth is that the Patriots were exercising their constitutional right to bear arms as a means of protection. For the record, in this era of fact checking, these statements are all a matter of public record in the federal courts of Portland, OR.

Another bit of irony or not, I fully believe that the Hammonds became a target because they own land and lease the rights to permits for federal land that is in the same general area as one of the greatest supplies of uranium in the world. And with this, my friends, the plot really thickens. 

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton approved the acquisition of Uranium One (a mining company) by Rosatom, a Russian owned company that then controlled 51% of the global supply of uranium which is used to enrich nuclear weapons. It has also come to light that these companies have contributed over $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. My question is this: whatever happened to the DOJ investigation into this matter that was started in 2017 by Attorney General Jess Sessions?

At the end of the day folks, it seems evident that what happened in Oregon in 2016 is now happening throughout the entire nation. The story had been written that “Trump Supporters storm the nation's Capital” before it even happened. They just needed a few names and photos to fill in the blanks and make it look legit. I believe that the next staged event is planned for Jan 20, 2021. The media is promoting the belief that an armed protest will happen at every state capital on that day. If it does, it will be carried out by radicals and compensated actors, not Patriots. I warn each of you: do NOT fall prey to their orchestrated chaos.

Rural Route Radio Jan 18, 2021 Hank Vogler on the the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. who hijacked the American Dream?


The farm price of lamb soars to $3/lb and we ponder who stole the concept of the American Dream.  How do the people once again reclaim "We the People?"

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Dakota Trails and Tales Jan 18, 2021 Marty on Monday today we talk about the censorship of Christians not only at home but around the world


The constant attack on Christians and yet we hear folks who talk about being Christians attempting to apologize for voting for Donald J. Trump. WHY?

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Beautiful winter day in Sherman County, Nebraska Jan 18, 2021 #MeatHeals

If you want the facts seek media outlets not owned by China

Across The Pond Jan 18, 2021 the countdown to the big storm starts now 

A true role model for societal change Martin Luther King Jr. as did it in 39 years

This telegram completely explains the class of this gentlemen who accomplished reform in the spirit of the "American Dream" Not as the thugs of day try to bring about.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

More information suppressed by Chinese owned USA media

China interfered with the 2020 election based on a report by DNI Ratcliff.  
Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe issued a report stating China interfered in the 2020 election while CIA management pressured lower level analysts to discount this assessment.

Another US media outlet with Chinese ties, Forbes

The Forbes family still owns a significant stake in Forbes Media, along with Integrated Whale Media Investments. The family had complete ownership for 97 years. In 2014, the Forbes family sold a majority stake to the Hong Kong-based investment group, according to 

If you wonder MSM is hiding the truth from you answer here

"You often see representatives from American companies with financial ties to China naturally become defenders of the CCP's policies and spreading the CCP's propaganda," said Helen Raleigh, an author and senior contributor at The Federalist who emigrated from China.

Loos from the Hip Jan 16, 2021 the dawn of new day, globai

Including link:

"I thought this was simply a  nursery rhyme:  how could one bake living birds in a pie? I discovered that royalty and the upper class, ...