Friday, August 20, 2021

Rural Route Radio Aug 20, 2021 Kash Patel designed the plan for proper withdrawal from Afghanistan within the Trump Administration, and it was this mess

Kash Patel spent 16 years as a public servant working for the United States in Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. He did design the plan that should have been followed for the exit strategy from Afghanistan and it was not. Please check out to stand up to Big Tech violating individual liberties. Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor View Rural Route Radio via Rumble

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Rural Route Radio Aug 16, 2021 Hank Vogler madder than Jesse Jackson being asked to sing "It is looking like a White Christmas"

The labor situation in itself will continue to lead to great parallels. The infrastructure of production and transportation of the goods we need on a daily basis is being disrupted mostly from the lack of work ethic, how do we fix that? Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor

Rural Route Radio Aug 17, 2021 Jay Truitt brings the insight on the USDA record setting increase in food stamps, when does it end

So many families around the world made a sacrifice to preserve a better opportunity of Life and Liberty in Afghanistan and today we ask the question for what, this? In addition nobody else seems to be addressing this massive increase in food welfare, the concept of work ethic has left he building. Listen to Rural Route Radio via Anchor View Rural Route Radio via Rumble

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