Wednesday, March 17, 2004

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'Tell Kennedy he is wrong'
To the editor:

Everyone in Rawlins County should attend the speaking engagement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in Colby at 7 p.m., Thursday, March 11 at the Cultural Arts Center. If you have any involvement with Production Ag, you will want to attend. Kennedy has spoken around the world on the evils of Agriculture. What has incited me to encourage everyone to attend was an article in the March 8, 2004 issue of the High Plains Journal by Trent Loos entitled "The Black Hat Crew."
Loos followed Kennedy for eight weeks to listen to his inflammatory talks. According to Loos, "Kennedy stated numerous times in the months after Sept. 11, 2001, that pig farmers were a greater threat to the USA and democracy that bin Laden's terrorist network." Loos also heard, "The best thing would be if this industry (agriculture) did leave the country." Does not this so-called intelligent man (Kennedy) realize where his food comes from? If he thinks other countries can produce enough food to feed us, then why are they importing food and having food shortages?
Kennedy also has a strange way of classifying "factory farms." According to Loos, Kennedy defines factory farms as any farm that must obtain a permit to operate regardless of size, if you raise pigs that do not have access to bedding, or if beef or dairy cattle do not have access to grass at all times. Also according to his standards, any farmer who applies his own chemicals is a factory farm.

I plan on attending this talk. I feel that if we do not stand up to our critics and show that we know what we are doing, some outsider like Kennedy will come in and force changes on us or remove us. You may think that if we ignore these critics they will go away, but they will not. To do nothing is the same as giving up. If you love this land, show up in force and let Kennedy know that he is wrong and we will not take being given a black eye.

Andy Sramek

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