Sunday, September 10, 2017

United States keeps Japan fed

Hon. Yoji Muto shares that Japan consistently imports $14.5 Billion more in agricultural products than we export anually to U.S.

Nebraska values attract and parallel Japan

Governor Pete Ricketts shares why Japanese investors are largest foreign investors in Nebraska. $4.4 billion in Japan businesses investments employing 9400 people with good paying jobs.
It is impossible to drive across Northern IN without being impressed with the manufacturing base. The Indiana Gov Eric Holcomb just summarized success. "In Indiana we don't believe in lonely victories."  I am impressed.
Delegations from Midwestern states including IL, IN, OH, MI, MN, WI, IA and Nebraska have a total of 181 people joining friends in Japan seeking trade relations.

The business minded approach of these Japanese leaders is quite impressive. Representing Nebraska Trade Delegation in Tokyo this week.

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