Friday, February 19, 2021

Loos Tales Special Report Feb 19, 2021 Jenin Younes NYC Public Defender joins to share her concerns about lockdowns and mask mandates.


Admitting that 6 months ago she was liberal but did not take everything that was being dished out. Jenin has started asking questions and has received her share of criticism about asking why are we doing things to control folks that are not based in science.

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Rural Route Radio Feb 19, 2021 Dr Ted Fogarty is back and this health consultation you will not get often enough. Back to nature.


Dr. Ted Fogarty brings the real world nature remedies for most human aliments that big pharma does not want you to know. All of that after we cover #NeverAgain as it relates to FDR Executive Order 9066.

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Loos Tales for Feb 19, 2021 Ferel hogs in Australia have been outsmarting humans, NO MORE


Pigs have been stealing eggs from these nesting turtles in Australia and finally they figured out how to remove the problem pigs.

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Learning so much about the Capitol building of Nebraska

Honored to serve on the #Nebraska Capitol Commission. Did you know our beautiful Capitol finished 1934 is only such with agricultural statement?

 "The Sower" a top the dome. 

Rural Route Radio Feb 18, 2021 Shaun Tyson a 1st generation farmer from Central Illinois leads a community to a grocery store Coop style.


On our weekly We the People segment Jenny Schweigert brings us a great story of how farmers are getting really in touch with their local consumers. Farm to Fork alive and well in Logan County.

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Oh this summarizes the week quite well

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Clip from Rural Route Radio Feb 17, 2021 Mike Fell as a business owner in South Dakota with Gov Noem leading the charge

It is clearly a shame that personal politics get in the way of public health. Well that has not been the case in South Dakota with Governor Kristi Noem giving the power to the people the past year. 

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Dakota Trails and Tales Feb 17, 2021 The art of conversation, it needs to come back.


I mean seriously it is bad when you feel the need to text somebody and schedule a time to call. Bring back real conversations. 

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A USA bill has been introduced to ban importing kangaroo meat and leather. GET THE FACTS by reading here.

Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan

The Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan sets the objectives and requirements for commercial kangaroo harvesting. Harvesting must be ecologically sustainable, humane, and only undertaken by authorised people.

To ensure the sustainability of Victorian kangaroo populations, the plan sets out the requirement for commercial harvest quotas across 7 harvest zones. The harvest quotas are the maximum number of kangaroos that can be taken under the program each year.]

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Rural Route Radio Feb 17, 2021 Mike Fell has written a screenplay about the embarrassment of FDR Exec. Order 9066 Feb 19, 1942 #NeverAgain

I realize that we as American citizens don't know enough about the Japanese Internment Camps during WWII. Today Mike Fell shares with us the details and what lead him to write a screenplay explaining why it can #NeverAgain happen.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Loos Beaver Moon bearing the family jewels on second straight night under 20 below actual.

Loos Tales Special Report Feb 16, 2021 Kory Dye from Upstate New York Dairy Farm Ta Hell N Back


Image stray voltage taking away everything you live for and love. Today Kory Dye a family friend of Dave and Brenda Robbins explain that has happened.

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Across the Pond Feb 16, 2021 Germany made the decision to move away from coal in 2000 and now admit a mistake


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Dakota Trails and Tales Feb 15, 2021 Marty Beard of Bismarck migrates to The Alamo and quite honestly he tears up thinking about the sacrifice


Marty is this tough ole cowboy on the outside, but on the inside he is a true Patriot that truly understands Freedom. He has just completed a 46 hour trip to Texas only to escorted out of the rodeo by the Sheriff. Although it is his trip to The Alamo that makes it all worth it.

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Rural Route Radio Feb 16, 2021 Jay Truitt is back on this Across the Pond version with a very detailed discussion on how government works, or should.


The one silver lining of this storm we currently live in, everyone who wants to gets a better understanding of how our government really works. Combine that will Andrew Henderson viewing and chiming in from the UK, it gets really edgy and educational all at the same time.

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Loos Tales Special Report Feb 15, 2021 Rolling blackouts hit The Great Plains of America due to "retired" coal fired power plants, Rick Nelson CEO Custer Public Power explains


Clearly the essentials of life are a luxury that may not come do easily in the future. This week to do a "perfect storm" the demand for electricity in The Great Plains of America exceeds the supply, as a result Rick Nelson explains rolling blackouts can be expected for the next few days. 

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Rural Route Radio Feb 15, 2021 Hank Vogler with long lost details on how Wild Horse & Burro Act 1971 was the first in many property rights erosions. They are still coming


Today a great history lesson from Hank Vogler on the mismanagement of the Wild Horse in the West. 60% of the land ranchers owned was taken for Horse Management Areas at the time and the herd has grown. Species do propagate until they can no more.

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