Friday, April 16, 2021

Rural Route Radio April 16, 2021 Dr. Ted Fogarty list about 6 reasons the the medical field is racketeering for profit over human health


Coming to us from the Tulsa Health Freedom Conference Dr. Ted Fogarty gives us the true lay of the land on basics interventions that would improve human health with Doctor/Client that are being hidden for control reasons. Dr. Fauci is a War Criminal. 

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Loos Tales April 16, 2021 Albert Rutledge assures me it is rumor he is not 97, for two more weeks anyway. I can't get enough of this guy from Oklahoma


Albert Rutledge is one of 8 brothers born BEFORE the Dirty Thirties in Woodward, OK. I wish all Americans would just sit and listen to folks like Al who have life experiences we can't read in history books. He road the train to the Chicago International with cattle for 10 years.

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Dakota Trails and Tales April 16, 2021 Greg Harder joins as we discuss the youth aspect from the Owosso FFA Chapter in Oklahoma.


Greg Harder and I are in Oklahoma for the Payne County 30 X 30 informational meeting. Although any time one gets the chance to visit the local FFA Chapter I recommend the visit for great inspiration. 

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CNN starts sinking the same day the Titanic goes down in 1912

 Across the Pond April 14, 2021 Andrew Henderson clearly sees the parrellel between the fake news of 1912 and today. Plus it appears CNN could be sinking now.

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A local corporation can implement National Heritage Area and tell you how to use property


Loos Tales Special Report April 14, 2021 Rae Grulkowski from Great Falls, MT accidentally attended a meeting nearly 2 years ago and learned the dangers of NHA.

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Are you serious about preparing for life with no electricity or just talking about it?

Rural Route Radio April 14, 2021 J.C. Cole live in Latvia for 18 years, he not only theorizes what one needs to do to prepare for where we are headed, HE LIVED IT.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The global record for shearing sheep is 535 in one day, Colin Bosher did in 1964


Across the Pond April 13, 2021 Are you being shorn like a sheep today? Folks wake up and smell the coffee, or drink a beer hanging upside down from the rafters.

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Full on communism happening as we speak in Canada, Wayne Peters with details


Loos Tales Special Report April 13, 2021 When the police build a fence to keep people from going to church, "Houston we have a problem."

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Rural Route Radio April 13, 2021 The new green deal, is it a green deal at all? Where does food come from in this deal? Kip Tom joins with insight


On this Across the Pond version of Rural Route Radio Kip Tom Ambassador to United Nations World Food Programme joins to discuss the real challenges in politics and how it impacts feeding people.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Dakota Trails and Tales April 12, 2021 Prayer Warriors for Marty Beard come through and he is healing in HBOT


Marty Beard is on the mend after yet another horse wreck. We combine the history of horse wrecks with the loss of property rights and where we are today.

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Rural Route Radio April 12, 2021 Hank Vogler brings to light the greatest irony on earth. We are welcoming illegals in left and right yet still cracking down on illegal farm workers

 Just in case you thought the world was just as crazy as it could get, we bring you today the greatest bit of hypocrisy you could ever image. The 30/30 and National Heritage Area designation are top of mine today.

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Image being 8 miles from your family and not seeing them for a year, happening now


Loos Tales Special Report April 11, 2021 A group of citizens in Ontario are standing up to tyranny. Chrissy Wozniak joins us from a protest on the border between Ontario and Buffalo, NY. These individuals have had a belly full of controlling the people not the virus.

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