Monday, December 06, 2021

Dakota Trails and Tales Dec 6, 2021 Marty on Monday as he reminds us the was only 3 days between Jesus kicking the money grubbers out and his conviction.

Marty brings another great Bible lesson to the airwaves and clearly suggests instead of watching Yellowstone maybe read the good book.

Loos Tales Dec 6, 2021 Steve Sprague stops by the BEK TV booth at Pride of Dakota but has issues with being called a Jackass.

Steve Sprague is a retired Ag Teacher from Ohio currently living in West River, ND. We have a great discussion about all things food & fiber.

Rural Route Radio Dec 6, 2021 Hank Vogler has entered Mexico with great pain to help a friend hunt for a Big Horn sheep to complete Grand Slam.

Hank shares what is was like to fly into Mexico for a sheep hunting excursion for a week and to think that folks are just welcomed to walk across the border with no questions whatsoever. In addition we do walk through a bit of USA history with States Rights and slavery as topic of discussion.

Including link:

"I thought this was simply a  nursery rhyme:  how could one bake living birds in a pie? I discovered that royalty and the upper class, ...