Monday, October 18, 2021

Trent on the Loos Oct 18, 2021 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dawson County Raceway is doing there part. The first broadcast is on the air.

Dakota Trails & Tales Oct 18, 2021 Marty Beard the President of his local school district weighs in on the complete FAILURE on education

So we learn about a school system in Minnesota who has eliminated the grade score "F" but Marty shares that has been happening it is just that this school is the first to put into the public as to what they are doing.

Rural Route Radio Oct 18, 2021 Hank Vogler on the importance of multiple species grazing for a healthy range

The importance of grazing animals must not be unvalued. No matter where you stand on Lab Grown Protein over 70% of the earth surface must be grazed without that the health of the planet will suffer.

Rural Route Radio Dec 24, 2021 Marty Beard with all things Christ mas, I mean we talk the real meaning of Christmas on the Eve.

"We are a food society, food has become the way to show love" Marty Beard Dec 24, 2021 Rural Route Radio. Oh and where are the sle...