Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chaplan George Wonka and his daughter Elizabeth thank you for your love of our country by serving.

Says it all

Specialist Turner thank you for your service enjoy your ribeye only 5046 more to go AABB at Fort Carson.

Bill Broadie founder AABB saying thank you to 5000 soldiers at Fort Carson. Along side 13 year old IRA Dickinson who personally donated $2000 to

Seriously FLAG football?

So on days off guess what soldiers to? Compete...go figure.

Oooppps number revision now they say 5047 soldiers biggest feed ever.

Here is the thing not only rib eyes 89 trays potatoes and an acre of corn

AABB is serving 4700 ribeyes today to soldiers at Fort Carson it takes 100 fed steers to make that happen.

The well oiled machine begins men meat and fire at Fort Carson AABB.

The day begins at Fort Carson with All American Beef Battalion as the full moon shines upon the Rockies.

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