Monday, May 17, 2010

A tribute a great man Dr. Stan Curtis a generation ahead of his time yet his impacts in American Agriculture will make a difference for generations to come. My thanks to Dr. Jim Pettigrew for sharing his thoughts.

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To the Editor,

You might notice my HPJ ‘script number is in the lower 3 digits. I have read your paper for a long time.

Trent Loos , writer of Loos Tales, states in his bio that he’s a sixth generation United States farmer. I assume he offers that info to give credibility and patriotism to his opinion. Well, I had a grandfather Hyatt who fought with Ethan Allen in the War for Independence. And my wife is from a ranching family whose ancestors were in New Spain, now New Mexico, 400 years ago – what’s that, around 20 generations?

I’ll admit up front, I seldom read Loos Tales thoroughly and when I do, I almost always don’t agree with the crux of its message. Trent Loos’ writings gives me the impression that he would be a good fit politically with the Tea Baggers.

In his May 10, 2010 column about the oil patch in Western North Dakota which I did read, in the closing paragraph he wrote “… if politics and people would get out of the way … “ .

I’m willing to be corrected but I assume by “politics” he ‘s referring to consumer and environmental interests and by “people”, governmental regulators.

From the information that’s accumulating publicly on the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster and the explosion and blowout on the Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, it appears to me the coal and oil patch people have, by politics, bullying, sex and drugs, effectively precluded “politics and people” from having adequate public interest oversight of their operations. Per Loos’ desire, in those two human and ecological disasters, “politics and people” were pushed out of the way.

"How's that work’n out” for the mine and rig workers and their families, the fisherman, shrimpers, tourist operators and Gulf people in general? And even for BP?

Dale Hyatt

Las Animas, Colorado

May 15, 2010

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