Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back home on the ranch and great day

Kelli had a terrible time keeping the cows in the corn stalk field while I was gone but I think that new turbo electric polywire combine with a light shower got the problem fixed.
This poly wire has been tremendous until this week. I personally think that it is so dry the cows do not get shocked enough to be a deterent. A little shower that didn't amount to any rain seemed to make difference today.

Random photos from Las Vegas Dec 11-13, 2012

This is what Las Vegas Blvd looks like at 6:00 am on Dec 13, 2012.

First time I have seen this my faucet has a rotating commercial while I wash my hands.

Second year in a row I have attended this A4M conference in Las Vegas. Not a confidence building for today's medical system.

The dark spots are actually arteries in thermo-imaging scan at the Neo40 booth at the trade show of A4M conference 2012.

Las Vegas photos 2012

Apparently Pampus is my favorite place to eat in Vegas I have eaten here 3 times in the past 6 days. Yes this Brazilian Grille is awesome.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture. For how long I ask?

Question of the day. When will he contribute to the unemployment statistics. Answer NOT SOON ENOUGH. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has some harsh words for rural America: It’s “becoming less and less relevant,” he says. A month after an election that Democrats won even as rural parts of the country voted overwhelmingly Republican, the former Democratic governor of Iowa told farm belt leaders this past week that he’s frustrated with their internecine squabbles and says they need to be more strategic in picking their political fights. “It’s time for us to have an adult conversation with folks in rural America,” Vilsack said in a speech at a forum sponsored by the Farm Journal. “It’s time for a different thought process here, in my view.”
Get the real feel of life in Rural America from Linda O'Connor from Sharon Springs, KS and grew up in upstate New York. Click here to listen to Linda on Loos Tales Dec 11, 2012.
You know that feeling of relief when the cows out are not yours? THIS TIME.
Today is wean day here for sows... About time geez.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pictures from NFR Vegas 2012

This sign is no way shape or form reflects the attitude of my travel buddy Kelli Loos in Las Vegas 2012.
Mickey Hayes my guest on Loos Tales Monday Dec 10, 2012. Certainly a "stache" much wilder than mine.
While so many go to the rodeo for the bulls my events are saddle bronc and bareback and the first horse out of the chute indicated a great horse bucking night.
138 exhibtors ride in the Grand Entry as a record attendence crowd of more than 17,500 are ready to rock the house.
The National Anthem being sung by Susie McIntire right after a tremendous "cowboy prayer" to kick off the performance.
Truly a well-run, entertaining show NFR Dec 8, 2012.
Quite possibly geared more toward the female palate, the water show in front of Belagio was huge draw on street.

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