Friday, March 26, 2021

Loos Tales March 26, 2021 Naomi Wolf Author "The end of America" says what is really hard for her about gun rights

Dr Naomi Wolf shares the comfort she has in the fact that we have States Rights and the 2nd Amendment. You will hear how hard that is for her to say as well.

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Rural Route Radio March 26, 2021 Dr. Ted Fogarty does deep dive from "altitude wellness module" formally known as hyperbaric chamber it all about human health, or not


Controlling the atmospheric pressure and oxygen level is the greatest health and wellness discovery in history. The biggest challenge is still too many people in the health profession hide the truth in the whole concept. Dr Ted Fogarty with "Deep Dive" on the truth.

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Rural Route Radio March 25, 2021 the first responders in your community are vital, are you involved in keeping them viable?


Today we are joined by two Veterans and firefighters. Henry Roberts (NE) and Brandon Bancroft (TX) join Jenny Schweigert and we discuss the barriers and challenges to keep the local firehouse and EMT staff full. 

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Tyranical Government has a 10 step process to close down democracy and we are at 10


 Loos Tales Special Report March 25, 2021 Dr. Naomi Wolf has authored the book "The End of America" where she clearly illustrates the loss of our personal Liberty. She joins today to explain how and why she is rethinking the importance of the 2nd Amendment as well.

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Do you know how they outlawed slavery in England 1807?


Across the Pond March 25, 2021 today we take a look back at the prohibition of the slave trade, not the ownership of slave ownership straight out.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Medical doctors are being targeted by the cereal companies, why?


Loos Tales Special Report for March 24, 2021 Belinda Fettke joins from Tasmania and launches campaign #ISupportGary because her husband a M.D. was charged with medical malpractice for suggesting patients with diabetes reduce sugar and carbohydrate consumption.

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Why all the suspicious activity and explosions in the oil refinery/transportation?

Rural Route Radio Mar 24, 2021 J.C. Cole once again joins and brings home how experiences from Latvia and the parallels he sees happening here at home today.

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How Nebraska Democrats view the current and future energy demand


Loos Tales Special Report March 24, 2021 Jane Kleeb Chair of the Nebraska Democrat party and Founder of BOLD we dig into stopping fossil fuel production and talk about true solutions, or the lack there of.

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Why are the powers at be so determined to get us all vaccinated?


Across the Pond March 24, 2021 Andrew brings a tidbit of information about UK COVID10 vaccination plus on this day 1882 Robert Koch discovers bacteria responsible for tuberculosis. Oh yes there is a tie to both.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Judge Henderson holds court today, Greta Thunberg is result of parental abuse


Across the Pond March 23, 2021 Judge Henderson quickly weighs in on the Net Zero Carbon and Greta Thunberg is being abused by her parents

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Rural Route Radio March 23, 2021 the answer to climate change is farmers/ranchers. Stimulate productivity and you have a healthy environment despite the "weather"


Jay Truitt is back with Andrew Henderson and Trent Loos. Great discussion about how Liberal leaders are getting egg on their face in historical fashion, and yet to figure it out.

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Monday, March 22, 2021

#MyJacket picture your FFA jacket hanging Tuesday March 23, 2021

 Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur suggest all former FFA members post of picture of your hanging FFA jacket on National Ag Day.

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#MeatInDay at Capitol Hill downtown Denver serves 1250


Andrew Timmerman leads the charge with food trucks in Denver serving free food supporting farmers/ranchers.

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"Give me Liberty, or give me death" Patrick Henry they called it The Stamp Act 1765


Across the Pond Mar 22, 2021 Andrew Henderson has the assessment that everyone has much more of a "Spring" in their step. The corruption is about to expose itself.

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Celebrating Agriculture "Meat all Week" in Oklahoma, Blayne Arthur with details

Loos Tales Special Report March 22, 2021 Secretary of Agriculture for Oklahoma joins to explain wheat growing contest, Breakfast with Blayne and Meat All Week. Underlying it all the state does a great job inspiring and challenging the youth to be great leaders.

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Rural Route Radio March 22, 2021 Hank Vogler "I have been passed around like a joint at a pot party"


Today we cover the current situation the Hammonds find themselves in. We also talk about the transportation ease that livestock cross the country. We celebrate the Colorado residents who have reached the tipping point and are taking a stand.

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