Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mr. Loos,

Looks like Scully is on the right track, but doesn't have his facts straight either, much like your misinformation on BSE from the 22 November BSE refresher.

Some relevant correlations from your commentary : The Devil'sWork? {Your commentary}{Recently, I was on a panel discussing the future of food production in theUnited States. One of the other panel members was a representative of theUnited Methodist Church, of which I happen to be a member, and she said,"Modern agriculture is the devil's work." }

I could see how Scully could come to that conclusion: "Do not tear down thework of God for the sake of food" (Romans 14:20).

{"News reports following each new "mad-cow" scare - of calves fed a swill of blood and excrement, of downed animals unable even to walk to their death -give the merest glimpse of all the moral shortcuts and man-made miseries of the factory farm. Moral concern has surrendered entirely to economic calculation, leaving no limit to the hurt and privation that "growers" arewilling to inflict upon animals to keep costs down and profits up." }

Maybe a bit of additional color for his readers, but true none the less.

Humane and sustainable production systems do not require confinement livestock, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals to be profitable. Propagandists do however require support from the companies who produce these toxins to continue the dissemination of a doctrine for corporate agriculture.

{I believe God gave humans the intelligence to improve our lives.} You are entitled to your beliefs, but this is hypocritical as the churches for it is the arrogance of humans who think they can consume and control nature through chemistry that bring on the diseases.

{Now that you have the facts, how does it set with you that a portion of the money you put in the collection plate on Sunday is working against you on anational level?}

Facts?: defined as something objectively verified. I am struggling to identify just which points you are referring to as facts. Propaganda is propaganda regardless of the source.

Livestock producer and farmer,

Rick Hopkins Missouri

Including link: https://blogs.loc.gov/

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