Friday, October 03, 2014

We have been getting bad nutritional advice for 50 years now The Big Fat Surprise with Nina Teicholz

​Nina Teicholz has never received any industry funding of any kind on the business of improving the health and wellbeing of consumers. She simply spent 9 years investigating why we get the nutritional advice we do and determined it has been politics as much as nutrition. Her book the The Big Fat Surprise is the result.

Link here to listen to the show

Request "Hormones In" your food

​Campaign starts today. Any establishment that promotes "hormone free" walk in and ask "Can I get hormones in my food?" When they say no respond "I only eat foods with hormones tell your boss". THEN LEAVE.... report back your experience and we will compile all the stories and I will give prizes to creative people. HORMONES IN starts now.

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