Thursday, April 17, 2003


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Some times Loos Lips needs to put smile on your face and warm your heart. Matt Meurer is a friend of mine from West Lafayette, IN and this is pretty cool. Thank you Matt. Take a break from the grind and log onto Ride with the Cowboy. Included is a poem from a soldier in Kuwait starts like this on this website
Written by Corporal Joshua Miles and all the boys from 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines, Kuwait

"Wish You Were Here"

For all the free people that still protest. You're welcome. We protect you and you are protected by the best.

This just slays me.

Robert Cohen, “mastermindless” of, and I debated about the “evils” of milk last fall on The Conspiracy Zone on TNN hosted by Kevin Nealon. You can watch a short snippet of that by clicking here. Cohen sends out a daily column and today he is talking about “why the healthiest and longest living people reside in Okinawa, Japan?” Strangely enough the advertisement is selling “calcium supplements”. Hey, Robert there is a simple solution that would replace the need for calcium supplements, DRINK MILK!

This is a sample of his column today:
M is for Mastectomy, she's half the gal she used to be.
O is for the Osteo, her bones are getting weaker.
T is for Thrombosis, sadly, her future's getting bleaker.
H is for her Heart which soon will never beat again,
E is for Eating poisoned foods, she's dosed with medicine.
R is for Radiation, which may prolong her tragic end.

Robert Cohen makes a living trying to create FEAR. He is a “Weenie” and we need to stand up to him.

Cohen also introduced me to his good friend Howard Lyman who is quoted today in Daily Camera. This is an example of what this former rancher does. Yes, he went broke ranching so now he is trying to bankrupt those who do things right. Lyman wrote Mad Cowboy: "Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat", and he now travels about 300 days a year around the world to preach the benefits of a plant-based diet including a stint on Oprah Winfrey bashing the meat industry.

Man, he jetsets around the world as a “rancher”, does this quote sound like any rancher you know? Click here to read entire article but he says:

Americans' love of red meat an "addiction" and a "smoking gun" responsible for a national obesity epidemic - and now a rise in adult
onset diabetes among children.

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