Friday, April 18, 2003

Animal Agriculture loses friend

I don’t know whether Dr. Atkins knew what an animal was, but it doesn’t matter. I have “Loosely” (no pun intended) followed his protein diet for nearly ten years. I like it. But I think the thing to point out about him is his spirit. Did you know he first wrote about the low carbohydrate diet in 1966? For nearly forty years he stood by what he believed and wasn’t afraid to call a “weenie” a weenie.

I found an interesting article today in the Orlando Sentinel about his death. The first person quoted was none other than “the wolf in sheep’s clothing” himself, animal rights activist Neal Barnard.

"The books were in and of themselves quite harmful," said Barnard, president and founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. For profile check on

But the next quote sums it up for me. One person can make a difference if you want to. "Although professionally I would not agree with his theories, he made
all of us take a look at our own work, and I think that's good," said Dr. Susan Mitchell, a Winter Park dietitian and nationally prominent author. "He made scientists say, 'Let's do some research on this.' "

Can you say “Bus Trip”?

I say we get a bus lined up. According to the slate of speakers scheduled for the 2003 Animal Rights Conference, they need somebody to speak that has actually handled an animal….Call me if you want to go.

The Animal Rights 2003 web site has been updated and exhibit registration is now open. The updates include sponsoring organizations, speakers, exhibit diagrams, lodging and travel boards and the AR2002 photo gallery. Please visit for details and registration.

Happy Easter

Most importantly, spend time with your family and have a wonderfully Happy Easter.


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