Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Food shock and awe

The pendulum has shifted. I am convinced that PETA’s outrageous campaigns are designed to be so extreme that it allows the rest of the radicals to seem middle of the road. I continue to see and hear that if you produce animals for food you are “evil”. I have even heard (with my own ears) some cow/calf ranchers correlate the work of NCBA members as anti-Christian. Sometimes we support someone thinking it will benefit us short term and do not understand the long-term implications. Take a look at PETA’s “Jesus was a vegetarian” campaign. Then look at the links on the site including the Christian Vegetarian Association. I cannot put all the statements you should read here but it is well worth your time to look at some of this information. Here is one good example from Fr. John Dear, S.J. “I am convinced that society will look back on human arrogance and cruelty toward other animals with the same horror and disbelief that we presently reserve for atrocities committed against human beings.”
I have to wonder how these “men of God” can support PETA so much. What about PETA’s financial and verbal support for bombing packinghouses, banks and other structures of food production?

Using the court system to instill FEAR

In the past seven days, two pork producers (that I know of) in the state of Iowa have had nuisance lawsuits filed against them? Last Monday, a couple from Madison county with one 350 head finishing building had a suit filed against them for odor. I spent 20 minutes at the kitchen table with the plaintiffs in the case Tuesday evening. They admitted there was not an odor from the building but they don’t like the owner and they are using pigs as the excuse. Pigs are always the scapegoat. The co-founders of Faces of Ag, Chad and Amy Wilkerson, were served with a lawsuit for the same thing this morning. A group of neighbors, some of which live up to nine miles away and the closest which is a full mile away, are the plaintiffs. People are filing lawsuits just to be a nuisance and people are being coached and looking for avenues to create Fear. Are we living in society where we will become reluctant to do anything for FEAR of being sued? I fear that.

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