Thursday, April 10, 2003

Animal handling guidelines are a great thing

Why? Why is the threat of animal handling guidelines causing a deer in the headlights look? Who has survived in production agriculture in the past 30 years? It is the producer who keeps his animals in the “ideal comfort level at all times.” It is the producer who is efficiently converting natural resources into human consumable products. The dairy industry now has 1/3 the dairy cows producing 70% more fluid milk by volume than in 1944. We must speak in terms consumers understand rather than in our own lingo. This comes to mind today because of these words from a recent conference reported by Adrian Ewins Saskatoon newsroom.

Ninety percent of the management practices demanded by animal welfare codes and guidelines are already used by most producers, said Ed Pajor
of Purdue University in Indiana. "So use it as an opportunity to take credit for the good things you do," he told farmers and industry officials attending the annual Prairie Swine Centre conference. "The public doesn't know you do them."

Farmers with turbins?

What? Doc Wulff has recently received a patent on an engine that will revolutionize America. Doc and his family reside near Columbia, MO and I took a ride with him in a Saturn car powered by 100% renewable fuels. Acetylene and alcohol are the energy sources used. Acetylene is made from carbon and 87% of the earth’s crust can be used to make this fuel. Initial it appears that they have produced an engine that burns fuel with zero emissions and EPA will validate this with testing on April 15. Additionally, this car gets over 50 miles per gallon, and Doc thinks that this is only a fraction of its capability. I can’t help feeling that “this is huge!” Doc joins me on two Loos Tales to explain this new phenomenon. Link to A Fuels Technologies, LLC explaining in more detail.

Listen to Loos Tales originally airing April 10, 2003
Listen to Loos Tales originally airing April 11, 2003

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