Friday, February 21, 2014

My fellow Nebraskan's again I request your voice on Mountain Lion hunting

I encourage you to sent a note or call your Senator now. I have just emailed Senator Kate Sullivan again these words.

As I watch the Senate floor discussion Ernie Chambers, Omaha has just said there has never been an attack on a person or livestock in the state of Nebraska...

That is not true Kate in Sherman and Buffalo counties alone numerous livestock have been attacked including my 25 goats killed. 

Two miles south of my house a llama was attacked and killed my a lion...

In addition I remind you that a lion was killed near a school in Kearney in 2011. They have no fear of humans and need to be hunting in accordance with biologist recommendations not some Urban Senator.

Please set the record straight.

Trent Loos 
Loup City NE

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