Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letter to my Nebraska Senator Kate Sullivan

Hi Senator Sullivan.

I am calling to express my concern over discussion that may take place on the floor this week about a ban on Mountain Lion hunting season. We need a hunting season very badly. 

It is only good management to have a hunting season when you have the healthy population that we do here in the State.

A couple of years ago we lost 25 goats over a six week period of time to a mountain lion. In fact one morning while my then 12 year old daughter was saddling her horse in our barn yard a lion killed a goat only 50 feet away. Libbi could not stop talking about the tail. It made quite the impression on this young lady.

I am not opposed to having lions in the state but think it is vitally important we manage them to the best of our ability. A hunting season is part of that management program.

Thank you 
Trent Loos 
Loup City, NE

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