Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random photos on blizzard Dec 19, 2012

This is my market hog finishing pen in a blizzard today. Meanwhile pigs in a confinement building (incorrectly called a factory farm) are still in 75 degree building and don't know it is even snowing. I NEED A CAFO.
The snow can be so beautiful yet so troubling at the same time. Actually snow is no problem but when the wind comes beauty turns ugly.

Okay call me crazier than your pet coon but I love winter.
Goats out looking for a meal in the big blizzard 2012.
The snow starts at noon and comes so peacefully...


LJ said...

Great pictures Trent!

Tim Bickett said...

I agree on the whole winter thing each season has its own beauty,to be enjoyed. Spent most of today working at our beef production facility waiting to get blizzard pictures to show how comfy cattle are in the HBS but the snow was late cuz you guys in Nebraska were hogging all the moisture!

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