Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dug out, thawed out, bedded, fed and even bred.

No school thanks to the blizzard so I had great help today with Lindsi. Yes go ahead and notify the Department of Labor that some rancher Dad is taking pictures while his 10 year old daughter chops ice with an "axe".

Cows have to be God's most amazing creation (right after Jesus). Look they survive anyway, they eat stuff not good for anything else, cellulose, and they make what people need to live. I want to be as tough as a cow one day. The blizzard hit and they are just happy as can be on corn stalks.
Why is that silly cowboy always laying on the ground?
These hogs figured out how to handle the snow drifts in their pen. They made tunnels from the shed to the feeder to the waterer. I WANT A CAFO.
First project of the day collected El Regresso and bred the 1-1 spot sow.

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