Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Valley Fair was held this weekend at Santa Clarita and Lake View Terrace, California both portions were considered very successful. I personally spoke with many vendors at the Santa Clarita portion which had rides, the arts & crafts exhibits, the horticulture exhibits, the Tigers of India show, The Sea Lion Splash show, a petting zoo and the Budweiser Clydesdale's as well as many other singers, local dancers, and shows performing. The vendors and visitors that I spoke with all enjoyed the Fair and had many nice things to say about the new location. Preliminary reports from the Los Angeles Daily News on the new location give estimates of a 60% increase of attendance for the Valley Fair.

I also attended the Livestock event held in Lake View Terrace. The parents and kids I spoke with all felt that it was a successful event and that the auction was a success. Some of the parents I spoke with felt that this was a safer venue for their children and felt that it was an advantage to be separated in 2 locations.

The Livestock event was never canceled. This is an example of how misinformation is either written in the press or placed on the Internet. I hope that this can be a lesson to all of us to be very careful of inaccurate communications and that we need to take the time and effort to find out the facts.

I thank you for your notes of concern and appreciate the time you have taken to hear some of the facts.


Margie Beeson
Valley Fair Board of Diretors

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