Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Veg City Diner

As a 6th generation United States livestock farmer, I feel compelled to let you know, on behalf of all American farmers in this country, we are offended! I met an acquaintance in your diner for what I expected would be a vegetarian meal. This was my first time in such an establishment. What I witnessed was a menu that included such items as chicken nuggets, meatloaf and numerous other meat items. I was certainly puzzled by this because I was led to believe that I was dining in a strictly vegetarian restaurant. When I inquired about these menu items, I was informed, “indeed these were plant based proteins but they were so named because we are a society in transition.”

As a business owner, I believe you have the right to serve only vegan and vegetarian items if you choose. However, I take great issue with the manner in which you misrepresent these food items. Those of us the farming community have invested endless hours and countless dollars in an effort to improve the quality of meat products available to the public. As a result of those efforts, United States consumers have developed high expectations for our products and now consume more meat per capita than at any time in the history of this country. Actually, the U.S. citizen eats 212 lbs of meat annually.

Farmers and ranchers place tremendous emphasis on genetic selection, feed quality, feed efficiency and the eating quality of our product. In addition, millions of dollars are spent by the meat industry to educate health-conscious consumers about the improved nutritional qualities of today’s meat products.

Perhaps you should consider this anti-meat campaign from the farm animals’ point of view. Every farm animal produced for human consumption must take pride in the fact that their generation has excelled beyond the quality and nutrition standards of previous generations. It is a shame for you to thumb your nose at the goal these animals have to be the “center of the plate” in an American’s well-rounded meal.

On behalf of all farmers and farm animals who are proud of the meat products produced on American farms, please consider re-naming the plant-based protein items on your menu to something that more accurately reflects their true origins.


Trent D. Loos

For reference on this issue please go to Veg City Diner website for more information. Veg City Diner is located on 14th Street Manhattan, NY. Please forward this letter to everyone on your list and also send to the Veg City Diner at this address http://www.vegcity.com/feedback_form.htm

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