Monday, September 22, 2003

Cashing in on the family name

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hasn’t talked about animal agriculture since we shut him up at the June 2003 Hog Summit in Gettysburg, PA, until this weekend. Saturday the New Times printed an op-ed by him and Eric Shaffer. Click here to read about RFK, Jr. and my last meeting in June called "Living Rent Free." Here is an excerpt from the NY Times piece and I would like one single person to tell me where the science is. No, instead he is just throwing out suggestions without substance and because his name is “Kennedy” any printer that throws ink on paper will print it. Oh, but wait. Isn’t this the same paper that recently admitted making up stories and falsifying information to sell papers? Well, now it all makes sense. I will be submitting a letter to the New York Times, please join me. The address is

An Ill Wind From Factory Farms

These farms emit an enormous amount of pollutants that taint air, land and water. Their noxious gases, studies suggest, contribute to respiratory problems, gastrointestinal diseases, eye infections, depression and other ailments. Department of Agriculture research has shown that antibiotic-resistant bacteria are carried daily across property lines from corporate hog farms into homes and small farms. The thousands of animals crowded together on each giant feedlot produce waste that pollutes waterways and contaminates drinking water.

Land use

I featured this link one day last week to the original story. Federal judge Haddon said “farm owners have no "absolute or unfettered right to operate an alternative livestock ranch as they see fit,"

What happens when all us have to use our property as the state or government sees fit? I don’t think we call it “freedom”.

The North American Elk Breeders Association have released a press release identifying the problems with this initiative. Click here to read the entire press release.

The North American Elk Breeders Association wants to issue an alert to all business owners across the country. A federal judge’s decision this week to uphold Montana Initiative-143 will prohibit the issuance of new game farm licenses, prohibit the transfer of existing licenses and prohibit the shooting of game-farm animals for a fee.

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