Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Use them or lose them

I am very confident most people reading this would agree with me that the inaugural ceremonies that took place recently in Washington, D.C., were very invigorating.
When you have a president of the United States who included God as many times as Donald Trump did, along with sentiments that the nation’s control would be returned to “we the people,” how could you not be overly excited about our future?
Last week I had KrisAnne Hall, a veteran, an attorney and most importantly, a constitutionalist, on my Rural Route Radio program. We had an interesting conversation about how good things have gotten now. However, we both agreed on air that no matter what the thought process was in the White House, this country is only governed by the people IF the people are willing to step up and assume the responsibility to take the initiative.
Link to entire article in High Plains Journal

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