Thursday, January 16, 2014

Comment left about Rural Route Radio on need for horse harvesting

Roger Tomlinson left a comment on your episode:

What a great podcast. You have brought up manyu points that I have tried to bring up. The FACT is that we will not change many minds. I have told how many people that we, the american people have eaten horse meat since horses arrived on this continent. Our Military ate a lot of horse meat in the 20-30's. What really infuriates me is that people who do not make a living within the industry are allowed to make a case against it. The politics that push people around amaze me as well. The Navajo Nation came out in support of Valley Meats and redacted their opinion.......meanwhile the destruction to their lands is still going on! Thanks for bringing the topic front and center!

Rural Route Radio Jan 15, 2013 Blair Dunn is the attorney representing Valley Meats attempting to provide needed service of horse harvesting

Today Blair Dunn will share with you the real live soap opera that has been playing out every single day for the past 3 years for Rick de Los Santos. The federal government and in particular the USDA have pulled out all of the stops to prevent this family from operating a needed and legal business in Roswell, NM. Blair Dunn will make a very clear visual why this is not just about horse harvesting it is about animal ownership.

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