Thursday, August 11, 2011

This week has brought about news that meat consumption increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes. Well that is saying that 80 years ago we did not drive cars, today the average American drives 24,000 annually cars must be the cause of an overweight society.

Lets look at some facts that too many people are overlooking.

Changing Trends: A Brief History of the US Household Consumption of
Energy, Water, Food, Beverages and Tobacco

The level of food energy in the US food supply increased from 3300 calories per capita per day in 1970 to 3900 calories in 2000 (Figure 9). This 15% increase reflects higher levels of all three food groups, carbohydrates (grains & sweeteners), fats and proteins (grains, poultry & cheese). Total calories in 1909 is estimated at 3400 kilocalories/day, so the level was flat for several decades before the recent increase.

Carbs and Blood Sugar

Even the kids health website talk about how carbs drive blood sugar and insulin not fat and protein. I am not saying avoid carb's I am saying that the science simply does not back up that protein and fat play a role in diabetes. Furthermore the study conducted recently at Harvard on diabetes was a survey not blood work.

And finally speaking to the importance of nitrate rich foods

Dr. Bryan is a biochemist and physiologist in Houston at the University of Texas at The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases. He tells me that by the time we are 40 years old our body only has half of the nitric oxide production that it did when we were 20. So get ready for this ground breaking scientific breakthrough: Diet and exercise become even more important and lead to improved human health through restoration of nitric oxide.

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