Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mr. Limbaugh as a life long fan of you and your ideals I wish to inform you that I believe you have been mislead into believing the Humane Society of the United States is worthy organization.

They have two missions to abolish animal agriculture and end hunting in the United States. In fact Wayne Pacelle has opened admitted they want to be the "NRA" of animal rights.

They have supported initiatives in several states in the United States that takes the American food system down the same path as the EU.

The average cost of food per person in the EU has increased by 33% per person since 1996. During the same period of time the percent of imported food into the EU has doubled, from 20% to 40% in the past 13 years. HSUS continually rejects the science and technology that has enabled the United States consumer to enjoy the safest, highest quality and most affordable supply of food globally.

HSUS has very cleverly disguised themselves and as animal protection organization simply to improve the quality of life for animals. Yet in their own cafeteria in MD they do not allow any animal products to be served. Actions Mr. Limbaugh speak louder than words as you have personally said so many times in recent years.

Finally I am 42 years old a 6th generation United States farmer that has personally provided the daily care and well being of more than one million animals. I do not need some person representing an animal rights organization to tell me what is best for the life of an animal.

As a recent Cornell University study indicated we emit 60% less carbon per unit of food produced than we did in 1945, that sir can not be accomplished by allowing HSUS to throw their $125 million annual budget around attempting to remove food choices for American consumers.

The American Farmer/Rancher has a great story to tell the American public and I believe this is an opportunity for you to assist in getting that job done. I would love to join you any day any time on your radio program to begin that process.

Trent Loos
Loup City, NE

515 418 8185

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