Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Say anything, anytime, anywhere

This is exactly what means to roast the weenies. If you will remember, as many others and I reported a couple of weeks ago, the NAACP sent a letter to KFC in support of PETA. Today, Joshua Lipsky reports on that NAACP is back-peddling big time. Here is what I mean.

NAACP downplays PETA link

In Mfume's letter, he asked Novak to tell KFC's suppliers "to stop breeding and drugging animals so that they collapse under their own weight or die from heart failure and to phase in humane gas killing to protect the birds from broken bones and wings, electric shocks and even drowning in scalding-hot tanks of water."

John White, communications director for NAACP, said Mfume only wanted to find out if the allegations were true. "It may have come out differently, but it was, on our part, a request for information," White said.

Hopefully a death will help people learn

It is just me or do others agree with me that the people who promote the “wilderness” understand it the least? NO ONE can relish from a death and some times it is amazing what people can lead themselves to think. Protecting bears from poachers, there may be a better way. Click here to read news from Alaska yesterday but here is the excerpt.

Bear Attack Leaves Two Dead in Alaska

A self-taught bear expert who once called Alaska's brown bears harmless was one of two people fatally mauled in a bear attack in the Katmai National Park and Preserve.

In his book, Treadwell said he decided to devote himself to saving grizzlies after a drug overdose, followed by several close calls with brown bears in early trips to Alaska. He said those experiences inspired him to give up drugs, study bears and establish a nonprofit bear-appreciation group, called Grizzly People.

"At best he's misguided," Deb Liggett, superintendent at Katmai, told the Anchorage Daily News in 2001. "At worst he's dangerous. If Timothy models unsafe behavior, that ultimately puts bears and other visitors at risk."

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