Saturday, May 10, 2003

Let the discussion begin

I am very excited about this: Dialogue! Every meeting I attend, the conclusion seems to be the same: “We need more and better dialogue with the consumer.” So I have partnered with Michael Milligan in an online forum that should be a wonderful opportunity to hear what consumers really think. It was just posted today and I hope we can get people of all viewpoints to weigh in on the subject. Michael spent a lot of time with logos and formatting - thank you Michael. Click here to discuss “The truth behind your dinner”.

Health should be renamed Fear!

Health magazine should probably just consider a new and more attention grabbing title like FEAR! magazine. I just floated through several of the stories and this is an excerpt from just one.

Of particular concern is the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in beef, pork, and poultry production. The AMA is supporting legislation proposed by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., that calls for more restrictions on the practice. Most animals raised for food in the United States receive regular doses of antibiotics in their feed or water to protect them from injury and diseases they might receive while being raised in crowded, confined conditions.

But the following is my favorite and proves that they have no clue:

Even the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), the Colorado-based trade body that represents cattle ranchers and beef producers, has begun looking into some of the farming practices of its members, including the use of growth hormones.

I stopped to visit with the vets in Ainsworth, NE yesterday and they had a great point. Have you ever taken your child to the doctor for an ear infection or some other illness. What is the first thing they prescribe? “Well, let’s try amoxycillin first. It probably won’t work but we will keep working up until the last option which is the power drug that finally knocks it.” THAT’S IT! “Weenies” are blaming animal agriculture for exposing our food animals to low levels of antibiotics for extended periods of time because they are feeling guilty about what is happening to humans. Humans may not become resistant to antibiotics if medical doctors would just take a closer look at what they are really doing to children. Here is a list of “fear” stories found in Health magazine.

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Urbanizing America

Why did we starting putting water lines through the countryside? If we had not developed “farms” maybe people would have stayed in town instead bringing the town to us. This story in the LA Times describes what I am talking about with dairies and urbanites in California.

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