We Believe What We Hear

After two weeks of phone tag I finally caught up with “Serena” a college student in Pennsylvania. Serena is writing a paper on “Factory Farming”. She indicated that it was very tough for her to find anyone who believes in “Factory Farming” to speak to her. Which is one reason for some of the misconception problems we are facing. We believe in modern agriculture, but if someone wants to take us to task or challenge us, WE RUN, or just wish them away. Well anyway, Serena and I had a very good conversation, concluding by discussing her personal food preferences. She is a Vegan. She decided to go this way after hearing Robert Cohen speak three years ago. Robert Cohen has a website www.notmilk.com, I STONGLY encourage you to go to it and spend a little time. One thing that should give you some insight into this guy’s character is his ridicule of the Bible, as this quote should give you some insight. “I am baffled by a riddle of biblical proportions.”
I know this guy first hand. I debated him last year on TNN The Conspiracy Zone, which you can view by going to my website.

There is no wonder why young people would believe this line of B.S. if they don’t hear the truth from you….