Men meat and fire ribeyes coming off grill at Fort Sill "The Steel Warriors" about to taste All American Beef Battalion appreciation for service to our nation.

Fort Sill AABB this poster says it all 1-14 The Steel Warriors get it done.

Fort Sill the All American Beef Battalion welcomes home 1-14 FAR " The Steel Warriors"

Today in Lawton, OK I will need an Okie to help make sense of this

Max Bedwell was sitting in my front row at Iowa Pork Congress and proudly gave me this cherished art piece when I got done. THANKS PARD.

How fitting huh.... great job Al Larson hey @martybeard you should take leasons

My next trip to Australia in Feb 2014

Link to the Ag spending in Omnibus Bill 2014 budget signed by President

Congratulations Lindsi 1st place youth bare bow division. This girl does not need any sites for dead eye. Lucy Rechel of NV taught her well.

On a day the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. the President of the United States says what?

Sunrise on a day the nation remembers Martin Luther King Jr. an American who believed in equality for ALL colors.

Landri J could feed bottle goats easier if she didn't have a parade of cats follow her everywhere.

Lindsi and Landri J in archery tournament today in Lichfield.