This is my Paradise on earth at sunrise

Diamond the horse worth his name in jewels


Lindsi giving a hike before jumping the pike


Successful remount in pasture with a smile

Alltech REBELation week comes to a close and I have more of commitment than ever to U.S. Beef

Finally a major media outlet Julie Hyman with Bloomberg TV roots out real farming facts

Presentation tonight at Luther College

Good thing I don't use Temple Grandin method of behavioral selection tagged & vaccinated

Kids at All American Beef Battalion feeds have all beef hot dog option.

Over 50 volunteers show up Fort Carson to feed the troops part of All American Beef Battalion.

Landri J saying hi to Bill Broadie Vietnam Veteran and Founder of All American Beef Battalion at Fort Carson, CO.

All American Beef Battalion cooking 1800 1lb ribeyes at one time at Fort Carson troops.

Farm Animals help immunize your kids

Farming improves overall health

What a great group of folks at Bar T Bar Ranch Winslow, AZ. Bob & Judy Prosser have surrounded themselves with good people and cattle.

Bar T Bar Ranch Winslow, AZ using cows to generate essentials of life for mankind while tending to the land. Thanks Federal Lands Ranchers for 100 million protein meals annually.

So they say this meteor hit the earth at 26,000 mph near Winslow, AZ. Think of the regulation and legislation that would cause today.

Jay Winter judging Maricopa County Fair swine showmanship and watching parents as entertaining as watching master showman.

Call me crazy but I would say that's a full moon shining on me tonight. Happy Easter thank you Jesus.

I just put 6 show pigs headed for Choteau MT on a 53 ft long bull rack. Hope they have enough space to exhibit natural behaviors. Trust me they will be in pile at end. Thanks Parks Livestock.

This is just wrong cell phones do not belong in saddle let alone selfies #farm365

Lindsi with favorite steer first day on halter great spring day.

Landri J displaying a 9 year old work ethic cleaning pens for WPX pigs.

Hmmm wonder what happens if I jump here says young boar. #farm365

Just saying another morning protein & fat for breakfast healthy living.

Global study on milk as cause or solution to heart disease and death.

Special today a cat with the purchase of every show pig. Abby Miller thanks for taking both.

Dr Tim Loula presenting at Wakefield Pork with a tremendous handle on #RealPigFarming

Sharing another #TrentLoosSelfie only to inspire you to one up mine on first the cow now the sow #farm365

My idea if a great selfie

Spring has sprung on the Great Plains of America and couldn't be better.

Should somebody be really pissed about eating this "veal" of the vegetable world?

Beef the source of iron that too many women are lacking


If I had it to do over while giving blood today I would have waited until after the vegetarian poked me to give her speech about beef the best source heme iron.

I absolutely love this line from the greatest Patriot movie ever.

Meatless Monday to help environment is a fraud

Landri and I tooling off to Brush Chamber Commerce Ag banquet jamming to Lost Highway eating blizzards.

The difference between us and Vegan Religion we actually help animals come into world they sit in an apartment dreaming about it .My sow up to 7 in 23 minutes.

Loos Tales airing March 13, 2015 Trent ask Gretchen Carlson please correct what you said wrong about hormones in food

Kissing creates more hormones than chicken turkey pork and beef combined. DON"T KISS IF YOU DON'T WANT HORMONES

Hormones levels in food, hormones are essential but get the facts

Truth In Food Kevin Murphy nails it on the real Chipot-lies

De Blasio: St. Pat's Parade still not gay enough for me

Amazing couple of days in NYC with Horse/Carriage owners of Central Park then back to Central Nebraska with our own.

The most regulated business I have ever seen NYC Horses/Carriage yet they provide millions of life long memories for people.

So many passionate about horses in NYC but none more than Ariel Fintzi on the right. He constantly talks about true worker bees the stable men.

If there were no horses in NYC Central Park who would feed the pigeons?

Any day a great day for a Horse and Carriage ride in Central Park NYC. Particularly when Tommy Hughes is your driver.

Dry aging happening on 52nd in NYC.

Randi J Blumenthal doing a great job walking the nations Horse and Carriage owners from the nation in NYC.

I have it the USDA Diet Advisory committee wants to dumb down the citizens.

Cow valuable in environment, too

And 115 degrees internal temp with a cedar heat/smoke....oh you should be here.

Here is what I think about today's USDA Advisory committee recommendation on dietary guidelines eliminating BEEF...true brain food.

I caved today and gave my girls the first bale of hay today. There is nothing more tranquil than cows.