I realize this is only half of a hog but 9-3 front end is AWESOME. Loos Dropout sired.

What what what day is it?

Loos Trails and Tales April 4, 2014 Dr. Tony Frazier the State Vet of Alabama gives us summary of the National Institute of Animal Agriculture meeting in Omaha this week

Washington, Jefferson, Madison even Lincoln had something to say about Beer. Today on Beer Proof radio.

Milk meat and eggs required for healthy living

More good news health about the consumption of milk, meat and eggs

Rural Route Radio today with Lt.Col Dennis Foster on the animal rights challenges he is Ex. Dr. of Master Fox Hound Associaton

Rural Route Radio today with Theresa Manzella and yet I take a couple of minutes to explain why Temple Grandin lost all credibility with me. Theresa is currently running for Montana State House of Reps and we need her to win.

Great quick trip to Fresno Ag Lenders Society of CA but best place right here at home wondering who will be first to pop.

Fresno airport serves a great frosty mug of whole milk....look at the cream man. The last drop was awesome

On the menu in Fresno like any choice as to what I am going to order.

Since Feb 1.5 million acre feet of water has flowed from Delta to ocean 400,000 acre feet retained for farmers. Only to protect 5 fish.

Steve Buckley welcoming Ag Lenders of CA to water crisis conference in Fresno.

Sigh....landing LAX well the good news they all eat. Not sure they wear clothes though.

Finally an evening calm enough to burn